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Egypt - Politics
10/13/2015 4:58:13 PM
Legal complaints claim that opinions expressed by the well-known actress Entsar on her show 'would lead to the destruction of an entire generation, creating youth of unknown parentage'

Egypt - Politics
9/8/2015 10:07:52 PM
The suspects are accused of torching a police station in August 2013 in violent reprisals following the police's dispersal of two pro-Morsi encampments

Egypt - Politics
6/28/2015 8:39:29 PM
Gag order imposed until the end of investigation by prosecution

Egypt - Politics
2/27/2015 10:34:54 AM
A lawyer died in police custody on Wednesday in Matariya police station

Egypt - Politics
2/12/2015 4:36:37 PM
Leftist protester Shaimaa El-Sabagh was shot dead at a peaceful protest on 24 Janaury

Egypt - Politics
9/13/2014 8:44:26 PM
There are reports that Qatar, a strong supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, has asked a number of high profile figures to leave the state

Egypt - Politics
6/14/2014 5:22:15 PM
Sexual harassment was criminalised by a law issued last week

Egypt - Politics
12/3/2013 10:24:00 PM
Egyptian prosecution slams prominent activist Ahmed Douma with four days detention pending investigations over protest in central Cairo, issues arrest warrant against two other prominent activists

Egypt - Politics
11/26/2013 7:40:10 PM
An Egyptian prosecution slammed former judical ally of the Brotherhood with 4-day detention, pending investigation into torture allegations

Egypt -
10/6/2013 2:38:22 PM
Prosecutors charge five more suspects with carrying out the deadly attack on Kerdasa police station in August

Egypt - Politics
8/31/2013 3:52:39 PM
Egyptian prosecution orders 15-day detention for 106 suspects in church attacks

Egypt - Politics
8/28/2013 5:31:48 PM
The Front for Defence of Egyptian Protesters accuses Egyptian Prosecution of 'arbitrarily extending detentions and limiting access to lawyers for pro-Morsi protesters'

Egypt - Politics
7/23/2013 10:21:16 PM
Egyptian prosecution accuses pro-Morsi defendants of initiating attack on anti-Morsi protesters in Tahrir Square on Monday

Egypt - Politics
2/26/2013 2:46:22 PM
Egypt's prosecutor-general dispatches a team to investigate the hot air balloon accident in Luxor, as tourism chief blames ministry of civil aviation

Egypt - Politics
2/19/2013 8:41:31 PM
Former Mubarak-era PM Ahmed Shafiq and his daughters have been referred to trial for embezzling public funds

Egypt - Politics
9/15/2012 6:04:00 PM
Egyptian prosecution investigations claim that clashes at the US embassy in Cairo between security forces and rioters have so far left two dead

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