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Egypt - Politics
3/9/2020 8:11:04 PM
Egypt - Politics
12/10/2019 6:14:18 PM
Egypt - Politics
11/19/2019 7:14:46 PM
The bill would have banned women from wearing 'indecent dress' in public places and criminalised other forms of unacceptable public behaviour
Egypt - Politics
6/27/2018 1:04:56 PM
The court referred the case to the country's Grand Mufti for a non-binding opinion on the death sentences, as per Egyptian law
Egypt - Presidential Elections 2018
1/11/2018 9:13:10 PM
Egypt - Politics
11/26/2017 1:22:56 PM
The conservative lawyer and TV host said it was a 'patriotic duty' to harass and even rape girls who wear ripped jeans that expose their behinds
Egypt - Politics
9/30/2017 2:48:01 PM
The government decision, which came into force Friday, met with strong criticism on social media
Heritage - Ancient Egypt
6/13/2017 2:20:46 PM
The American University in Cairo transferred the 5,000 items to the Ministry of Antiquities, in line with Egyptian law
Egypt - Politics
4/26/2017 1:07:59 PM
Zaree, who works for the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, has been banned from travelling
Egypt - Politics
3/26/2017 2:05:17 PM
Egypt - Politics
3/18/2017 9:01:29 PM
Egypt - Politics
2/18/2017 9:00:00 PM
Books - Review
1/12/2017 10:06:40 PM
The writers, who consider themselves pupils of late rights lawyer Ahmed Seif El-Islam, compile cases documenting the prominent lawyer's defence of human rights in Egypt and the price his family had to pay
Heritage - Islamic
1/9/2017 3:33:01 PM
The collapsed minaret is not registered on Egypt’s antiquities list and is not affiliated with Egyptian law governing the protection of antiquities.
Egypt - Politics
12/31/2016 1:36:58 PM
On Thursday, Egypt’s cabinet referred the Egyptian-Saudi Red Sea border demarcation agreement to parliament for voting
Egypt - Politics
10/9/2016 3:12:10 PM
The Egyptian law restricts land and property ownership in Sinai to Egyptians who hold no other nationality and are born to Egyptian parents
Egypt - Politics
10/2/2016 9:00:00 AM
Egypt - Politics
5/29/2016 6:07:01 PM
Homosexuality is not criminalised by Egyptian law, though prosecutors have often tried gay men under laws against “debauchery,” “immorality” or “contempt of religion”
Egypt - Politics
5/16/2016 7:28:39 PM
Two US embassy delegations visited Egypt's ‎parliament on Sunday and Monday to discuss ‎cooperation in security, military and economic ‎areas
Egypt - Politics
5/11/2016 11:11:16 AM
Egyptian law stipulates that maximum pre-trial detention should not exceed two years
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