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Arts & Culture - Art Alert
3/14/2022 6:23:53 PM
Egyptian band El-Dor El-Awal will be holding a concert in Cairo on Thursday 17 September at El-Sawy Culturewheel in Zamalek, where they will perform some of their original music.

Sports - World
8/25/2021 4:32:48 PM

Arts & Culture - Music
9/6/2020 8:33:45 PM
El-Dor El-Awal will be playing some of their most popular songs, including Raqs El-Hawanem, Rehla and Hawdag

Sports - Omni sports
10/17/2019 11:20:41 AM

Arts & Culture - Music
9/21/2019 4:08:01 PM
Formed in 1999, the band is made up of some of the most active musicians of the underground scene

Arts & Culture - Music
6/28/2019 4:28:59 PM
El-Dor el-Awal, Asia Madani, and Klaxics will star at Maq'ad of Sultan Qaitbey

Arts & Culture - Music
5/20/2019 8:43:44 PM
The oriental jazz band's music includes a unique combination of original songs and arrangements

Arts & Culture - Music
2/28/2019 11:09:43 PM
Ahram Online talked to one of the essential players on Egypt’s ‘underground’ music scene, about his story of determination, passion and inspiration

Arts & Culture - Time Out
2/24/2019 4:37:41 PM
The oriental jazz band's music includes a unique combination of instruments and arrangements

Arts & Culture - Music
11/9/2018 3:36:27 PM
The band's music includes a unique combination of instruments such as bass guitar, qanun, violin, saxophone, accordion, and oud

Arts & Culture - Music
10/1/2018 10:34:28 PM

Arts & Culture - Music
6/4/2018 1:48:37 PM
The concert is part of Darb 1718's Ramadan Program

Arts & Culture - Music
10/26/2015 10:53:40 AM
A double bill concerts will bring together a Sudanese singer and Egyptian band to Al Azhar park

Multimedia -
8/16/2015 8:15:17 PM
Sunset in Cairo as heatwave continues unabated for third week. (Photo: Malak El-Awady)

Egypt - Politics
7/26/2015 6:18:00 PM
Moussa was previously convicted on another count of slander in March

Egypt - Politics
6/2/2015 7:19:26 PM
The petition calls on the Supreme Constitutional Court to look into the lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the controversial November 2013 protest law

Egypt - Features
5/27/2015 8:01:51 PM
Recently banned by court order, Egypt's Ultras football fan groups have been conspicuously quiet of late. For Ultras members, however, this is more because they regard the ruling as moot

Egypt - Politics
2/22/2014 11:05:40 AM
After defence lawyer Selim El-Awa withdrew from Mohamed Morsi's espionage trial, it is unclear Saturday if Morsi will appear in the separate jailbreak trial with El-Awa or without

Egypt - Politics
2/16/2014 3:47:32 PM
Trial postponed to 23 February and 10 new defence lawyers appointed by court after Morsi's head lawyer Selim El-Awa withdraws from trial in protest against soundproof glass boxes

World - International
1/6/2014 10:45:15 AM

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