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Egypt - Presidential Elections 2018
3/1/2018 6:58:11 PM
Egypt’s two presidential candidates unveil their election platforms

Egypt - Politics
2/9/2016 6:29:12 PM
High-profile political analyst and MP Emad ‎Gad announced that he has officially asked ‎parliament to approve changing his political ‎affiliation or resign from the House‎

Egypt - Politics
2/2/2016 12:17:50 PM
Gad attributed his resignation decision to disagreement over the party's leadership and the way the party is operated

Egypt - Politics
12/22/2015 3:48:59 PM
An article in the parliamentary law states that a vote of expulsion has to take place when a parliamentarian leaves or switches his political party

Egypt - Politics
4/9/2014 5:31:59 PM
Emad Gad, former MP and political analyst, didn't give a reason for his resignation from the EDSP, of which he was a leading member

Egypt - Politics
5/12/2013 12:30:57 PM
Former MP Emad Gad blasts Egypt's government for targeting political activists following his arrest along with a female journalist at Cairo airport on Wednesday

Egypt - Politics
5/12/2013 10:52:32 AM
After being arrested at Cairo airport, April 6 Movement founder Ahmed Maher says that the only difference between Mohamed Morsi and deposed Hosni Mubarak is the 'religious tint'

Egypt - Politics
8/5/2012 2:14:55 PM
Following sectarian clashes that saw 120 Coptic families flee their homes in Dahshur, Egypt, a delegation of activists and Coptic leaders seek reconciliation on the ground

Egypt - Politics
7/15/2012 9:34:43 PM
Members of liberal and Christian political groups blast visiting US secretary of state, accuse Washington of cutting 'secret deal' with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood