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World - Africa
8/14/2023 1:59:42 PM
Authorities in Ethiopia are carrying out mass arrests of hundreds, even thousands, of people in the capital after deadly unrest in the country’s Amhara region, lawyers and witnesses said.

World - Africa
12/16/2021 2:52:39 PM
Ethiopian authorities must immediately free all detained journalists and stop using wartime emergency laws to lock up reporters for doing their jobs, a press freedom watchdog said Thursday.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
8/12/2021 9:53:00 AM
The House had also passed a law toughening penalties for sexual harassment, and approved three extensions of the emergency law, among others

Egypt - Politics
10/31/2020 7:38:59 PM
The state of emergency has been extended since 2017 on the grounds of fighting terrorism and safeguarding national security against foreign threats

Egypt - Politics
6/8/2020 4:34:15 PM
An MP said that hospitals have been overcharging coronavirus patients and that the state should intervene

Egypt - Politics
5/2/2020 2:27:33 PM
Egypt's prime minister will address parliament on Sunday on the president's decision to extend the state of emergency for three months

Egypt - Politics
4/22/2020 5:43:07 PM
The amendments, approved by 406 MPs, are in line with Article 154 of the constitution which allows the president to adopt extraordinary measures to face crises and catastrophes

Egypt - Politics
4/20/2020 3:52:14 PM

Egypt - Politics
4/18/2020 5:00:00 PM
The amendments give the president the power to adopt measures necessary to contain critical health conditions

Egypt - Politics
4/16/2020 8:27:10 PM
The powers would include the right to suspend the school and university year, to postpone payment of utility bills and taxes, and to quarantine returning expats

Egypt - Politics
4/12/2020 1:53:58 PM
The campaign comes few days after the prime minister said building violations in Egypt would be referred to military prosecutors under the current emergency law

Egypt - Politics
4/3/2020 8:13:05 PM
Top prosecutor Hamada El-Sawy vows to punish violators, saying they could fall afoul of the country's emergency law

Egypt - Politics
11/4/2019 3:11:14 PM
The extension was approved by the majority of MPs (450 MPs)

World - International
10/7/2019 11:07:48 AM

World - International
10/4/2019 11:55:52 AM

World - International
4/29/2019 8:27:16 PM
However, there are concerns within the Muslim community that a prolonged ban could fuel tensions in the religiously-diverse nation that emerged from a civil war with ethnic minority Tamil separatists a decade ago

World - Region
4/26/2018 10:19:35 AM

Egypt - Politics
1/7/2018 11:00:43 AM
A further three-month state of emergency is expected to be approved

Egypt - Politics
10/22/2017 6:27:22 PM
Prime Minister Sherif Ismail vowed that emergency law would not be used to curtail citizens' rights and freedoms

Egypt - Politics
10/22/2017 5:12:18 PM
As MPs condemned the killing of 16 policemen in a shootout with terrorists on Friday, Prime Minister Sherif Ismail told MPs on Sunday that declaring a new state of emergency is necessary to keep Egypt secure

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