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8/7/2012 12:32:36 PM
Ennahda's leader Rached Ghannouchi denounces the growing number of 'calls for regional and sectoral strikes' in Tunisia; opposition accuses the ruling Islamist party of anti-democratic behaviour

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7/17/2012 12:20:08 PM
Rachid Ghannouchi is re-elected as Ennahda Party head, after sweeping more than 70 percent of the vote within the party's congress

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4/3/2012 10:39:55 AM
Rachid al-Ghannouchi, the co-founder of the Islamist Ennahda party, says he is in direct talks with the Salafists to convince them to work in a legal framework concerning "the Islamic law" in the new constitution

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4/1/2012 6:36:44 PM
Ruling Tunisian Ennahda party leader Rached Ghannouchi says "There can be no normalisation with Israel"

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12/14/2011 1:03:13 PM
Tunisia's Hamadi Jebali, the number two in the moderate Islamist Ennahda party that won October elections, was tasked with forming the country's new government

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11/18/2011 10:49:40 PM
Hamadi Jbeli, secretary-general of the Islamist Ennahda party is named Tunisia Prime Minister

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11/5/2011 3:08:53 PM
Tunisia's Islamist Ennahda party, winner of ground-breaking polls last month, has been credited with an additional seat in the 217-member constituent assembly, taking its tally to 91

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11/3/2011 6:41:57 PM
Women in Tunisia organise a rally to call for the preservation of the long-standing legal trend of gender equality fearing 'all forms of extremism' by the Islamist Ennahda Party after its success at the polls last week

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10/29/2011 4:26:11 PM
Iranian government hails Tunisia's election results, saying that Tehran and Tunis would soon exchange official visits

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10/27/2011 10:08:24 AM
Tunisia's Islamist Ennahda party has the lead in the country's constituent assembly elections, so far securing 54 seats of 123 counted so far

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10/26/2011 6:50:03 PM
With a commanding lead in election results announced so far, Tunisia's Islamist Ennahda party proposes an interim PM but will not be able to dictate terms of any coalition it forms in government

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10/26/2011 4:21:43 PM
Ennahda party's secretary-general says tourism is too strategic a sector to be restricted

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10/24/2011 6:07:57 PM
Despite some minor technical glitches, international poll monitors laud Tunisia's first free election as 'extraordinary achievement'

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10/24/2011 4:40:55 PM
Ennahda Party performs strongly in constituent assembly election, say Tunisian radio reports; international observers say no evidence of voter fraud

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10/24/2011 1:32:20 PM
Election results expected on Tuesday in country that launched the Arab Spring; Islamist Ennahda Party expected to win most votes but fall short of a majority

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10/24/2011 9:40:32 AM
Vote counting continue in Tunisia first democratic election, preliminary reports indicate that the turnout reaches %90

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10/16/2011 5:13:22 PM
Test vote held in preparation for constituent assembly elections on 23 October; Islamist party Al-Nahda predicted to win largest block of votes in a campaign marked by occasional violence

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10/15/2011 3:23:43 PM
Ennadha Islamist Party condemned an armed assault by a 'salafist' group of on the director of Nessma private TV station

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10/3/2011 1:15:07 PM
Western countries and Tunisian liberals have nothing to fear from a victory of the Islamist Ennahda party, its leader Rachid Ghannouchi said

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9/14/2011 4:39:27 PM
The first post-revolution poll in Tunisia revealed the domination of Ennahda party which yearns to build an Islam-based democracy

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