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Egypt - Politics
1/5/2014 5:15:42 PM
Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan failed to reach a compromise over the Grand Renaissance dam in the latest round of talks

Egypt - Politics
1/4/2014 3:57:30 PM
Irrigation ministers of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia sound positive notes in talks over Ethiopia's contested Grand Renaissance Dam

Egypt - Politics
12/10/2013 1:16:05 PM
Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia reached agreement on many issues raised by technical committee on Ethiopia's Nile dam during talks in Khartoum, says Sudanese water resources minister

Egypt - Politics
12/8/2013 7:12:10 PM
Negotiations follow recent Sudanese endorsement of Grand Renaissance Dam; Egyptian water minister says he is attending the conference with 'open heart'

Egypt - Politics
12/6/2013 1:22:58 PM
Sudan's support for the Grand Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia prompts Egyptian response

World - Region
12/5/2013 10:16:25 AM
Khartoum's support for Ethiopia's Renaissance dam leaves Egypt isolated ahead of tripartite talks on the issue planned for next week

Egypt - Politics
12/3/2013 4:03:08 PM
Tripartite negotiation on Ethiopia damn to resume Sunday in Khartoum

Egypt - Politics
11/12/2013 11:34:32 AM
Water experts in Egypt say there is already a water deficit in the country due to the exploding population, farmers fear Ethiopia dam could devestate agriculture

Egypt - Politics
10/31/2013 8:25:32 PM
Three African nations to examine regional impact of giant Ethiopian dam being built on Nile River tributary

Egypt - Politics
9/27/2013 1:30:02 PM
Meeting at the UN, Egypt and Ethiopia's foreign ministers show willingness to overcome recent tensions resulting from Ethiopian dam plans, says Egyptian official

Egypt - Politics
7/14/2013 2:12:20 PM
Disruption caused by ouster of Mohamed Morsi has led Egyptian authorities to take eye off Ethiopia dam issue, Irrigation Minister Mohamed Bahaaeddin says

World - International
6/30/2013 5:29:49 PM
Egypt president warns that 'all options are open' with regards to Ethiopia Dam, deemed a 'security concern' to Egypt water resources

Egypt - Politics
6/20/2013 1:06:12 PM
Ethiopian officials look to soothe Egyptian fears over Nile dam project, while Egyptian expert warns that the dam will dramatically reduce Egypt's water share

Egypt - Politics
6/18/2013 5:30:45 PM
South Sudan will be the seventh country to sign the agreement on sharing the Nile waters, which Egypt opposes

Egypt - Politics
6/17/2013 6:06:43 PM
Catherine Ashton expected in Egypt Tuesday to discuss Ethiopia dam row and Syria crisis with President Morsi, FM Mohamed Kamel Amr and handful of opposition figures

World - International
6/13/2013 6:59:47 PM
Ethiopian parliament ratifies Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA) which aims to replace older colonial treaties that give Egypt and Sudan rights to most of the Nile water

Egypt - Politics
6/13/2013 5:02:44 PM
Ethiopian ambassador in Khartoum asserts Renaissance Dam will benefit downstream states, says Ethiopia would only accept Israeli assistance if 'unconditional'

Egypt - Politics
6/12/2013 10:46:09 PM
Egyptian irrigation ministry official warns that the dam could collapse through faulty design

Egypt - Politics
6/11/2013 11:05:41 AM
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi says all options open to face threats to Egypt's water security

Egypt - Politics
6/11/2013 10:26:43 AM
Opposition campaign group dismisses President Morsi's calls for unity over Ethiopia dam crisis, vows to launch mass protests on election anniversary

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