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Business - Economy
9/18/2014 7:33:29 PM
Gains for foreign investors encouraged by Euromoney Egypt Conference

Business - Economy
9/16/2014 7:59:41 PM
Euromoney Egypt conference continues with decision to invest in a wind farm to address energy crisis

Business - Economy
9/16/2014 5:36:21 PM
Euromoney conference shows Egypt's budget deficit hitting 11 percent, despite structural adjustments

Business - Economy
9/16/2014 4:25:47 PM
Euromoney conference announces economic summit in February that could help Egypt achieve goal of $10 billion in foreign direct investments by next year

Business - Economy
9/16/2014 2:16:35 PM
Euromoney conference unveils project to provide logistics and industrial hubs along 160 km of vital shipping lane

Business - Economy
9/16/2014 1:19:36 PM
Chairman of Cairo International Bank says its time for Egypt to establish its economic identity

Business - Economy
11/11/2013 12:18:38 PM
A second economic stimulus package to be launched before January, Finance Minister

Business - Economy
10/10/2012 6:45:00 PM
Head of Arafa Holding calls for new laws to regulate industrial action, claiming wildcat strikes are damaging country's reputation

Business - Economy
10/9/2012 1:41:48 PM
Private equity firm is looking to the infrastructure and energy sectors for its next projects, says chairman