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World - Region
2/20/2023 4:31:47 PM
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday underlined Washington's commitment to delivering F-16 jets to Turkey as he wrapped up a visit during which he pledged solidarity with the earthquake-hit country.

World - Region
1/18/2023 10:51:51 PM
Turkey on Wednesday appealed to the United States to expedite F-16 jets, a sale some US officials hope could coax Ankara to lift objections to NATO expansion but is bitterly opposed by a key senator.

World - International
8/15/2020 2:37:02 PM

World - Region
6/18/2020 10:11:04 AM
A Defence Ministry statement said Turkish F-16 jets, drones and howitzers had hit and destroyed more than 500 PKK targets in 36 hours

Egypt - Politics
1/4/2020 8:00:00 PM
Air forces including Kamov, Apache and Chinook helicopters as well as F-16 jets, also took part in the training activities alongside paratroopers and commandos

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8/8/2016 5:49:29 PM

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9/12/2015 5:10:42 PM

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7/31/2015 6:45:00 PM

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7/13/2015 1:44:50 PM