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Business - Economy
5/10/2023 6:21:54 PM
Consumer inflation in the United States nudged down only slightly in April, the Labor Department said on Wednesday, despite strong efforts to cool the economy and rein in price increases.

Business - Economy
5/9/2023 11:48:50 PM
A top Federal Reserve official left the door open Tuesday on a further interest rate hike to combat inflation, although stressing that the US central bank's future decisions must be data dependent.

Business - Markets & Companies
5/4/2023 3:53:58 PM
European stock markets slid Thursday after the Federal Reserve again hiked US interest rates to fight elevated inflation while hinting the next move could be a pause.

Business - Markets & Companies
5/3/2023 11:15:06 PM
​Stocks are shifting lower Wednesday after the Federal Reserve announced its latest hike to interest rates but hinted the end to them may be near.

Business - Economy
5/3/2023 10:56:00 PM
The US Federal Reserve raised its benchmark lending rate for a tenth consecutive time Wednesday in a move that could be the last in the current cycle if the economy cools.

Business - Markets & Companies
5/2/2023 5:40:55 PM
European and US stock markets slid while the dollar mostly firmed Tuesday as focus turned to the US Federal Reserve which kicked off a two-day meeting Tuesday morning to decide whether to raise its benchmark lending rate for a 10th, and possibly final, time to tackle rising prices.

Business - Markets & Companies
4/13/2023 12:18:01 PM
Global stocks were mostly higher Thursday after U.S. inflation eased and Federal Reserve officials said they expect fewer interest rate hikes this year to slow economic activity.

Business - Economy
4/12/2023 4:15:49 PM
US consumer inflation slowed in March, according to US data Wednesday, lessening the pressure on the Federal Reserve to maintain its aggressive posture to cool the economy.

Business - Markets & Companies
4/12/2023 2:29:36 PM
Wall Street inched slightly higher early Wednesday ahead of the release of key inflation data likely to influence the Federal Reserve's stance on interest rates.

Business - Markets & Companies
4/12/2023 10:57:33 AM
Equity markets were mixed Wednesday as traders jockeyed ahead of US inflation data that could play a key role in the Federal Reserve's interest rate decision-making.

Business - Economy
4/12/2023 12:14:44 AM
The underlying drivers of historically-high global inflation could persist until 2025, the International Monetary Fund's chief economist told AFP on Tuesday.

Business - Markets & Companies
4/10/2023 2:23:27 PM
Asian equities were mixed Monday in holiday-thinned trade after US jobs data indicated the Federal Reserve would likely have to hike interest rates again but soothed recent worries about a possible recession.

Business - Economy
3/31/2023 6:01:01 PM
Stocks are rising Friday, and Wall Street is on track to close out a winning March and first quarter of the year despite a long list of worries being thrown at it.

Business - Economy
3/28/2023 9:04:58 PM
The Federal Reserve’s bank supervisors warned Silicon Valley Bank’s management as early as the fall of 2021 of risks stemming from its unusual business model, a top Fed official said Tuesday, but its managers failed to take the steps necessary to fix the problems.

Business - Markets & Companies
3/23/2023 2:21:47 PM
Europe's stock markets opened lower Thursday before interest rate calls in Britain, Norway and Switzerland, after the US Federal Reserve hiked borrowing costs despite banking-sector turmoil.

Business - Economy
3/22/2023 9:21:09 PM
The US Federal Reserve raised its key rate by another quarter point Wednesday, bringing it to the highest level in 15 years as part of an ongoing effort to balance between curbing high inflation and averting further upheaval in the commercial banking sector.

Business - Economy
3/22/2023 12:12:37 PM
European shares were mixed Wednesday after a day of gains in Asia ahead of a decision by the Federal Reserve on interest rates.

Business - Economy
3/22/2023 10:28:38 AM
American banks will be paying especially close attention to the Federal Reserve's interest-rate decision on Wednesday, as the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) continues to reverberate through financial markets.

World - International
3/20/2023 12:48:58 PM
Global stock markets sank Monday after Swiss authorities arranged the takeover of troubled Credit Suisse amid fears of a global banking crisis ahead of a Federal Reserve meeting to decide on more possible interest rate hikes.

Business - Markets & Companies
3/13/2023 4:31:21 PM
President Joe Biden on Monday reassured Americans that their banking system is secure in the wake of the collapse of SVB and said he wants tougher regulations to prevent future crises.

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