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Business - Economy
5/12/2011 10:22:53 AM
Firm to produce for first time since 2009 as court cancels government decision

Business - Economy
5/11/2011 3:22:29 PM
Despite political turmoil, Egypt's leading construction firm posts 77 per cent rise in Q1 profits

Business - Economy
5/10/2011 11:08:29 AM
Naguib Sawiris' firm will ask Russian mobile operator for seats at first shareholder meeting following its takeover of Orascom Telecom and Wind last month

Business - Economy
5/10/2011 10:36:45 AM
TUI Travel posts a smaller loss in profits than expected, meeting a shift in demand for alternative destinations as North African unrest continues

Business - Economy
5/9/2011 8:12:55 PM
Bourse almost clears Sunday's losses as market forces reassert themselves and large-cap firms make bullish profit predictions

Business - Economy
5/9/2011 12:34:32 PM
Europe's second-largest tourism firm takes an economic hit on North African unrest and may cut back tours if the political situation doesn't improve

World - Region
5/7/2011 10:52:45 AM
Libya's ambassador to Rome said Saturday he was firmly on the side of the rebellion against Gaddafi after staying out of the public eye for months and following a report that rebels want him replaced

Business - Economy
5/4/2011 4:01:27 PM
Continuing setbacks for real estate firms mean the troubled market is losing further ground

World - Region
5/4/2011 1:25:37 PM
Thousands of Syrians continue to protest against Assad regime, calling for open sit ins across the country

Egypt -
5/3/2011 5:55:05 PM
Swiss government freezes accounts linked to former Egyptian regime worth 410 million francs

Business - Economy
5/3/2011 5:13:53 PM
A muted day of trading sees mixed gains and losses with land reclaims causing further woe for embattled property firms

Business - Economy
4/26/2011 1:56:10 PM
Regional trip is an opportunity for rising superpower to firm up political, economic and energy ties

Business - Economy
4/25/2011 2:09:52 PM
Ministry is inviting bids from foreign firms in a move to boost proven energy reserves and build up the country's export infrastructure

Egypt - Politics
4/24/2011 1:41:00 PM
The ruling military council uses the occasion of Easter to insist it will stand firm against sectarianism in Egypt

Business - Economy
4/16/2011 11:38:13 AM

Business - Economy
4/15/2011 3:01:13 PM
The region's leading equity firm details how it purchased the once state-owned cement firm from a third party and not the government as has been alleged

Business - Economy
4/15/2011 1:47:50 PM
Saudi firm tells Ahram Online of its clash with international hospitality chain over the running of showpiece Nile-front hotel

Business - Economy
4/13/2011 7:00:45 PM
Sinai-based Taba Heights gets warning for illegal sailing route between Egypt and Jordan

Business - Economy
4/12/2011 1:41:10 PM
The International Energy Agency warns that high oil prices could bring about an economic slow-down but does not alter its demand forecasts

Business - Economy
4/11/2011 10:51:39 AM
Private equity firm pushes listing to late 2011 to give investors 'full value'

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