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Business - Economy
10/5/2012 12:53:48 PM
South Korean giant sees near-doubling of annual profits on strong sales of its flagship smartphone

World - Region
9/23/2012 5:36:33 PM
Hundreds of Turkish protesters chant 'Allah-u Akbar' during a protest in Istanbul against anti-Islam American film and French cartoons

World - Region
9/22/2012 12:18:31 PM
Eager to put past controversies behind it, Iraq's current authorities are narrowing down on a new national symbols

World - International
9/20/2012 2:12:52 PM
Thousands of Nigerian Muslims burn US and Israeli flags to protest the controversial anti-Islam film

World - International
9/17/2012 12:59:45 PM
Thousands of Filipinos take to the streets to protest against the anti-Islam movie, burning the US flag

Egypt - Politics
9/16/2012 5:49:01 PM
Flagship daily Al-Ahram mistakenly publishes satirical quotes attributed to former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger – in which he suggests that world war is looming – as authentic

World - Region
9/16/2012 2:58:41 PM

World -
9/14/2012 6:08:55 PM
Muslims around the world, incensed by anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims”, held demos Friday at US embassies chanting name of Prophet Mohamed, and torching American flags. Ahram Online compiled a list of major protest sites.

World - Region
9/14/2012 4:58:51 PM
Protesters in cities and towns across Iraq burn American and Israeli flags in response to the anti-Islam film

World - Region
9/14/2012 3:27:13 PM
Almost 2,000 Islamists protest in the Jordanian capital Amman against the controversial anti-Islam film; some 400 Salafist Jihadists demonstrate near the US embassy

World - Region
9/14/2012 3:03:46 PM
Thousands of Palestinians protest the American anti-Muslim film in Jerusalem and Gaza Strip amid clashes with Israeli forces; protesters set fire to US flag

Egypt - Politics
9/12/2012 7:36:06 PM
Egyptian security officers track down protesters who scaled the US embassy wall during a protest against an anti-Islam film, grabbing and burning the embassy flag

Egypt - Politics
9/12/2012 12:00:00 AM
Angry demonstrators climb US embassy walls, torch American flag to protest anti-Islam film by US-based Coptic group; Muslim Brotherhood urges demonstrators to maintain protest's peaceful nature

Multimedia -
9/11/2012 9:38:43 PM
Thousands of protesters demonstrated outside the US Embassy, in anger at a controversial American film which reportedly insults Prophet Mohamed

Business - Economy
9/9/2012 10:31:45 AM
Move comes after some Western powers urge countries to deny flags to Iranian ships as part of economic sanctions

London 2012 - News
8/15/2012 3:19:06 PM
Brazil warned they must work hard ahead of Rio 2016 Summer Games

World - Region
8/12/2012 4:02:02 PM
An Israeli soldier faces a 45-day jail term for the killing of two Gaza women carrying a white flag

London 2012 - News
8/11/2012 4:23:06 PM
The IOC has told South Korean officials to bar a football player from collecting his bronze medal after he displayed a flag with a political message at the third-place match against Japan

World - International
7/30/2012 9:05:30 PM
All American flags planted by astronuats during their visits to the moon are still standing except one planted in 1969, NASA says

London 2012 - News
7/26/2012 2:15:20 PM
North Korea's representative expressed frustration at a diplomatic blunder that marred the opening day of the women's Olympic football tournament

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