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World - Region
6/5/2023 12:37:15 PM
Saudi Arabia has welcomed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on an official visit, reaching out to yet another U.S. foe as the oil-rich kingdom engages in a flurry of diplomacy.

Business - Economy
5/28/2023 5:05:52 PM
Gold prices in Egypt stabilized on Sunday after nearly two weeks of fluctuations, while the Egyptian Exchange kept its positive performance.

Egypt - Society
5/28/2023 2:39:40 PM
Get ready for dramatic weather in Egypt! The coming days will bring a mix of dusty winds, thundering rain and fluctuating temperatures.

Business - Markets & Companies
5/25/2023 9:09:46 PM
The Egyptian Exchange's (EGX) indices ended in the green after fluctuations caused by profit-taking during the week that ended on 25 May.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Features
5/20/2023 9:32:00 AM
More and more people are leaving traditional jobs and turning to freelancing and small business ownership to cope with inflation and currency fluctuations.

Business - Economy
5/14/2023 6:26:20 PM
The Egyptian gold market is starting to stabilize following weeks of fluctuation due to a surge in demand amid uncertainty about the Egyptian pound’s exchange rate.

Sports - World
5/10/2023 11:47:13 PM
Five soccer players were suspended by their top-flight Brazilian clubs on Wednesday as part of a sprawling match-fixing investigation.

War in Sudan - War in Sudan
5/10/2023 9:36:00 PM
Tribal clashes over several days killed 25 people in southern Sudan, the country's doctors union said Wednesday, raising fears the war between the country's rival top generals, currently centered in the capital, could set off more violence in far-flung provinces.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
5/9/2023 1:35:00 PM
Gold prices in Egypt are continuing to fluctuate after reaching record highs, reports Ahmed Kotb

World - International
4/26/2023 1:05:41 PM
No honking geese are likely to interrupt his speeches this time. As President Joe Biden seeks a second term, he won't have to depend on glitchy Zoom connections, or deliver remarks in largely vacant theaters with attendees in chairs ringed by circle markings on the floor to ensure enough social distancing. His advisors won't scrutinize the 1918 flu outbreak for clues on pandemic-era voting.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
4/19/2023 12:08:00 AM
Gold prices have been fluctuating amid currency uncertainty, reports Ahmed Kotb

Egypt - Society
4/13/2023 8:06:24 PM
Egypt is set to experience a fluctuation in temperatures from hot daytime to chilly nights starting Friday and continuing through Wednesday, according to the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA).

Business - Markets & Companies
4/12/2023 9:16:21 PM
Gold prices in Egypt have continued to fluctuate as the prices of 21-karat gold continue to rise while the prices of 24-Karat and 18-Karat gold dropped slightly.

Life & Style - Health
4/12/2023 2:30:54 PM
Three cases of H3N8 detected in China since 2022 as World Health Organization says strain doesn’t appear to spread easily between humans.

Life & Style - Health
3/17/2023 5:29:41 PM
The Covid-19 pandemic could settle down this year to a point where it poses a threat similar to the flu, the World Health Organization said Friday.

World - Africa
3/14/2023 3:20:23 PM
Another failed ceasefire, a UN call for talks nobody seems to want, and a new influx of foreign soldiers: despite a flurry of diplomatic efforts there appears little chance a fresh insurgency in eastern DR Congo will stop any time soon.

Business - Markets & Companies
3/9/2023 6:56:53 PM
Egypt’s gold market has been experiencing a significant fluctuation, particularly since the onset of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and its related repercussions, which have led to an unprecedented inflationary wave and hikes in the exchange and interest rates.

Business - Energy
3/2/2023 10:21:00 AM
Egypt’s Fuel Automatic Pricing Committee (FAPC) has raised fuel prices for various octanes by EGP 0.75 to EGP 1 per litre, while keeping the price of diesel fixed, in light of "fluctuating prices of the Brent crude and the exchange rate of the pound against the dollar".

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
2/15/2023 8:55:00 PM
Ahram Online highlights a selection of do-not-miss events this week (15-21 February) in Egypt.

Business - Economy
1/12/2023 5:04:07 PM
The Egyptian pound is continuing to witness significant fluctuations against the US dollar on Thursday, surpassing EGP 30 in a number of foreign and Arab banks operating in the Egyptian market.

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