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11/29/2012 10:41:42 AM
Iran's nuclear programme will expectantly be the core issue of an IAEA two-day meeting following a recently-issued UN Security Council resolution calling Tehran to suspend its uranium enrichment activities

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11/16/2012 7:19:48 PM
Iran completed installation at its Fordo site, the IAEA mentioned in a newly-published regular report

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8/30/2012 8:03:45 PM
Iran has doubled its nuclear capacities at Fordo nuclear facility, a recently-published IAEA report reveals

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6/17/2012 12:03:25 PM
Iran is ready to take a "positive step" at talks in Moscow on Tehran's disputed nuclear programme, President Ahmadinejad says, adding that he hopes for progress at next week's crucial meeting

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5/4/2012 2:36:15 PM
Head of the Iranian envoy to the IAEA says there is no reason for his country to shut its Fordow enrichment facility

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1/8/2012 1:01:47 PM
Iran has begun uranium enrichment program at a new underground site well protected from possible airstrikes, a leading hard-line Iranian newspaper reported

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8/22/2011 2:40:19 PM
Equipment used for producing purified uranium transferred to the secretive Fordo plant

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6/8/2011 12:29:09 PM
Iranian nuclear program chief announces that Iran will transfer the 20 percent enrichment from Natanz to the Fordo site this year, under the supervision of the IAEA

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