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World - Region
7/21/2013 3:34:16 PM
Israel will never withdraw from occupied lands because 'war mongering and occupation lie at its very core,' Iranian foreign ministry spokesman says

World - Region
7/20/2013 9:32:44 PM
Syrian opposition representative will meet with foreign minister to discuss Syria's civil war and the new visa restrictions for Syrians in Egypt

Egypt - Politics
7/20/2013 3:22:08 PM
Egypt's interim foreign ministry calls on Ethiopia to respond to dialogue invitation; 'deeply worried' by lack of reaction

Egypt - Politics
7/19/2013 12:53:01 AM
Egyptian diplomats say regaining regional leadership is key; foreign ministry sources say Africa is expected to be top priority of recently-appointed foreign minister Nabil Fahmy

Egypt - Politics
7/16/2013 3:39:37 PM
Both presidency and foreign ministry condemn comments made by Turkish leaders, calling them 'clear intervention into internal Egyptian affairs'

World - Region
7/16/2013 11:00:43 AM
Ceasefire in essence is definitely a desirable affair, Iran's foreign ministry spokesman says

Egypt - Politics
7/12/2013 2:05:53 PM
Germany's foreign ministry spokesman calls for an end to the 'restrictions on Morsi's whereabouts'

Egypt - Politics
7/10/2013 9:59:39 PM
Turkish FM Ahmet Davutoglu tells Egyptian counterpart that recent calls by Turkish official for UN intervention in Egypt do not reflect Ankara's official position

Egypt -
7/10/2013 7:50:10 PM
Egypt's foreign ministry says Iranian response to president Mohamed Morsi's removal is out of misunderstanding the country's 'democratic developments'

Egypt - Politics
7/10/2013 5:01:52 PM
Egypt's foreign ministry spokesman officially rejects the African Union's suspension of their membership, citing 'misinterpretations'

Egypt - Politics
7/10/2013 11:58:57 AM
Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr tells CNN he does not know where Mohamed Morsi is being held, but knows he is receiving good treatment

Egypt - Politics
7/9/2013 9:43:43 PM
Foreign ministry summons Turkish ambassador over Ankara's calls for UN intervention following controversial ouster of elected president

Egypt - Politics
7/9/2013 4:27:25 PM
Egypt still supports the Syrian revolution, according to the foreign ministry

Egypt - Politics
7/7/2013 7:56:33 PM
After Morsi cut all diplomatic ties with Syria in June, Egypt's interim government has decided to re-open embassy

World - Region
7/7/2013 12:57:14 PM
Supporters of Morsi should not give up in their quest to reinstate him, Iran's foreign ministry spokesman said in the first official reaction from Tehran to the toppling of Egypt's president

World - Region
7/4/2013 1:36:19 PM
China respects the choice of the Egyptian people, foreign ministry spokeswoman says

Egypt - Politics
7/2/2013 3:22:52 AM
Mohamed Kamel Amr, Egypt's minister for foreign affairs, becomes the fifth minister to resign following mass rallies against President Mohamed Morsi’s rule

World - Region
6/25/2013 10:40:18 AM
In response to Sunday killing of four Shias in Egypt, Iran's foreign ministry spokesperson claims assault part of a 'foreign conspiracy' against Shias

Egypt - Politics
6/20/2013 1:06:12 PM
Ethiopian officials look to soothe Egyptian fears over Nile dam project, while Egyptian expert warns that the dam will dramatically reduce Egypt's water share

Egypt - Politics
6/18/2013 5:50:29 PM
FJP MP lambasts foreign ministry's performance regarding Egyptians detained in UAE; foreign ministry spokesman blasts 'irresponsible' criticisms

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