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Business - Economy
4/2/2012 7:16:58 PM
Reports of an imminent capital rise in the Commercial International Bank fuel modest gains as foreign investors target select high-cap stocks

Business - Economy
3/24/2012 11:55:13 AM
Government and union have fought tooth and nail over the country's new labour bill, but some economists say it's nothing more than a public image move aimed at foreign investors

Business - Economy
3/4/2012 9:15:14 PM
Bourse closes down 1 pct in Sunday trading as foreign investors scramble to take profits on high-performing Egypt stocks

Business - Economy
1/23/2012 12:28:48 PM
The Kingdom permits overseas listing, taking it a step closer to direct ownership for foreign investors

Business - Economy
1/17/2012 6:51:46 PM
Bourse sees across-the-board gains as foreign investors take renewed loan negotiations as a sign the country's economy is getting back on track

Business - Economy
1/9/2012 5:42:06 PM
Bourse sees heaviest trade in nearly a month as foreign investors re-enter market and target select high-cap firms, though concerns remain

Business - Economy
12/25/2011 4:49:57 PM
The stock exchange realised an impressive 1.93 per cent gain but turnover plummets to $16.5 million as foreign investors' activity tumbles

Business - Economy
12/7/2011 6:19:17 PM
Midday announcement of a controversial minister prompts a dip for the troubled Bourse as foreign investors shift position on major stocks

Business - Economy
12/5/2011 4:00:00 PM
Main index takes its second day of losses as foreign investors reevaluate their positions while awaiting Wednesday's announcement of a new government

Business - Economy
11/20/2011 8:35:59 PM
Shares take an across the board battering as clashes continue between protesters and security forces, prompting foreign investors to head for the exits

Business - Economy
11/1/2011 1:01:02 PM
Central bank says global turmoil is prompting foreign investors to withdraw while Russians are reacting to an 'unfavourable investment climate' by putting their money elsewhere

World - International
9/24/2011 2:37:17 PM
Analysts warn that Zambia's new President Michael Sata has a tough balancing act: he must 'water down' economic promises to the unemployed to not cause alarm to foreign investors

Business - Economy
9/14/2011 6:30:40 PM
Shares dip for the fourth day, 1.15 per cent down as foreign investors unload more high-cap stocks to a shrinking pool of buyers

Business - Economy
8/16/2011 3:37:34 PM
Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Bashir promotes granting of free land to both local and foreign investors in manufacturing enterprises as well as the annulment or reduction of taxes imposed on them

Business - Economy
7/11/2011 7:16:10 PM
A lower budget deficit and improved ratings are helping foreign investors build an appetite for Egyptian debt

Business - Economy
6/22/2011 6:20:22 PM
Benchmark drops for third day running as foreign investors take their cues from turbulent international markets

Business - Economy
6/16/2011 4:55:42 PM
End of nighttime restrictions signal the prospect of great stability for foreign investors but fail to perk up a stagnant trading day

Business - Economy
5/14/2011 6:15:17 PM
Abdel Salam hails increasing confidence of foreign investors as he finishes up his regional tour in Kuwait

Business - Economy
3/17/2011 12:39:24 PM
Economic crisis hits industry reliant on European demand but hopes of recovery growing

Business - Economy
2/11/2011 1:05:24 PM
Egypt's finance minister reassured foreign investors on Friday, saying that the military was not intervening in daily government matters and that the budget deficit and inflation were under control

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