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Business - Economy
12/8/2013 10:11:51 PM
Shrinking female workforce participation and job growth also revealed in 14-year study, prominent Egyptian labour economist tells Cairo Economic Research Forum

Business - Economy
12/5/2013 8:58:22 PM
Investment forum wraps up in Cairo, as GCC countries pledge billions in new development projects

Business - Economy
12/5/2013 4:48:30 PM
Investors optimistic about continuing economic aid from oil-rich Gulf countries

Business - Economy
12/4/2013 4:27:45 PM
Indices rise for first time this month as investors look forward to stronger economic ties with oil-rich Gulf

Life & Style - Health
11/18/2013 2:07:54 PM
Awareness promotion was the main message of the Saturday women's health forum, organised by Egypt's LHA and ESWIH

World - International
10/24/2013 10:03:27 AM
Fellow detainees called for help because he was vomiting and having spasms, the NGO stated

World - International
10/5/2013 9:55:37 AM

Business - Economy
9/22/2013 9:09:53 PM
International conference aims to establish an Egyptian national council to effectively tackle economic woes

Life & Style - Health
9/22/2013 2:20:00 PM
The escalating figures of diabetics in Egypt -- ranking at number nine worldwide -- the urgency of early detection and the latest treatment of complications were the highlights of Cairo's latest diabetic forum

Folk - Inspiring Women
9/4/2013 1:16:01 PM
Challenging misconceptions of Islamic beliefs, and the ensuing stereotypes of Muslim women, this study of women's mercantile life in Islamic Egypt sets the record straight

World - International
8/26/2013 5:04:28 PM
Both Nobel peace laureates will speak during forum launched by late Czech Velvet Revolution icon Vaclav Havel and American Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel in 1997

World - International
8/14/2013 9:45:26 AM
Obama, who spent part of his childhood in neighbouring Indonesia, will be in the region for a pair of summits

World - Region
7/21/2013 9:51:43 AM
The conflict in Syria could drag on anywhere 'from many months to multiple years' and that a prolonged stalemat could leave open parts of Syria to potential control by radical fighters

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
6/15/2013 5:06:51 PM
In isolated Moqattam - a district which is also the home to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood headquarters - Shababeek Culture Centre hosts events to raise awareness on artists' and intellectuals' ongoing protests

World - Region
5/29/2013 7:27:55 PM
Delegates from Russia, Nicaragua and Venezuela attend Iranian meeting aimed at ending Syria crisis – despite absence of Syrian representation

World - Region
5/27/2013 4:45:46 PM
Amid controversy over Iranian participation in international peace talks on Syria, Tehran announces plans to hold its own forum aimed at ending two-year-old conflict

Business - Economy
5/26/2013 5:38:57 PM
Uncertainties associated with Egypt's post-revolution transition adversely affect country's ranking in World Economic Forum (WEF)'s Global Competitive Index for 2012/13

World - Region
5/26/2013 11:50:23 AM
Israel's president says the solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict is the two-state solution

World - Region
5/22/2013 1:47:46 PM
13th Doha Forum, attended by more than 600 participants from over 80 countries and organisations, discusses many crucial Arab issues

World - Region
5/17/2013 11:05:25 AM
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to address the Asia-Pacific Water Summit in Thailand

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