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Egypt - Politics
3/23/2013 2:10:57 PM
The Muslim Brotherhood takes to the airwaves and TV to condemn 'criminal' attacks on their offices saying the group has survived numerous challenges for over 8 decades

Egypt - Politics
3/23/2013 11:19:24 AM
Number of those injured in Friday's clashes at several Muslim Brotherhood offices rose to 200, Egypt's head of Ambulance Authority says

Egypt - Politics
3/14/2013 11:10:51 AM
Founding member of Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, Gamal Nassar, resigns due to party's 'poor performance' and President Morsi's 'lack of awareness'

Egypt - Politics
3/2/2013 8:39:07 PM
Two years after Mubarak's ouster, Islamists, now in power, may be heading down the former president's ignominious path

Egypt - Politics
2/26/2013 5:20:11 PM
After calls from some quarters for military's return to political stage, Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) condemns 'attempts to drive wedge' between Egyptian army, people

Egypt - Politics
2/24/2013 1:26:07 PM
Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party expects to win a majority in parliamentary elections scheduled for April; says opposition calls for an election boycott are 'the climax of political weakness'

Egypt - Politics
2/24/2013 12:17:18 AM
Shortly after leading opposition figure ElBaradei calls for boycott of Egypt's parliamentary elections, spokesman of Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party pushes in opposite direction

Egypt - Politics
2/17/2013 3:43:07 PM
Closed-door meeting held Saturday between Saad El-Katatni and Mohamed ElBaradei is not linked with Nour Party's dialogue initiative, FJP claims

Egypt - Politics
2/15/2013 9:43:23 PM
The Muslim Brotherhood is accused by the revolutionary Free Front for Peaceful Change of abducting and torturing Ibrahim Hanafi; the Freedom and Justice Party says group does not employ violent means

Egypt - Politics
2/14/2013 2:14:47 PM
Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party will rebuild Egypt's state institutions and create opportunities for the average citizen, vows party spokesperson

Egypt - Politics
2/11/2013 4:59:46 PM
Leading members of liberal opposition party Ghad Al-Thawra demand the withdrawal of their leader, Ayman Nour, from the new Islamist-dominated front

Egypt - Politics
2/10/2013 2:24:02 PM
New front made up of Islamists and some non-Islamists, including Ghad Al-Thawra Party head Ayman Nour, formed to 'end bloodshed' and achieve goals of revolution

Egypt - Politics
2/7/2013 1:58:54 PM
Muslim Brotherhood senior leader Essam El-Erian points to the centrality of women in his life and their role in 'resisting injustice, corruption and harassment'

Egypt - Politics
2/4/2013 10:08:21 PM
FJP's Essam El-Erian condemns recent torture and deaths at hands of police but says minister of interior capable of meeting revolution's goal of reforming the institution

Egypt - Politics
1/31/2013 8:38:02 PM
Amid widespread unrest across Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood and its Freedom and Justice Party boast helping hundreds of thousands of citizens through medical, commercial, and environmental initiatives

Egypt - Politics
1/29/2013 3:41:13 PM
A summary of clashes in Egypt; with new estimates in Kafr El Sheikh governorate citing up to 112 civilians, 2 police and 18 soldiers

Multimedia -
1/25/2013 4:46:27 PM
Clashes, peaceful marches, and the Freedom and Justice Party's volunteers painting walls; Egyptians gather to mark the second anniversary of the uprising in different ways

Egypt - Politics
1/23/2013 11:44:40 AM
Unidentified assailants throw Molotov cocktails at headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party in Sixth October City

Egypt - Politics
1/22/2013 9:10:20 PM
Islamist group calls initiative 'gift to Egyptian people' on occasion of revolution's 2nd anniversary; Critics question campaign's timing

Egypt - Politics
1/19/2013 5:00:23 PM
With elections imminent, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood are keen to shore up their damaged image at home and abroad

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