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War on Gaza - War on Gaza
6/3/2024 11:11:36 PM
The G7 group of developed countries on Monday said it stood behind a Gaza peace deal endorsed by US President Joe Biden, and called on Hamas to accept it.

World - International
11/4/2022 5:47:31 PM
Foreign ministers from the G7 group of nations on Friday condemned Tehran's response to a wave of protests in Iran sparked by the death of young Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini.

World - International
4/19/2022 1:01:06 PM
Global finance leaders are putting the growing crisis over food insecurity and skyrocketing food prices at center stage as members of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank meet in Washington and grapple with the brutal effects of Russia's war against Ukraine.

Opinion - Test Page
6/23/2021 7:21:00 PM
No meeting of the G7 group of countries is uneventful, and this year’s summit saw some high-profile disagreements

World - International
5/29/2017 9:21:09 PM

World - International
10/27/2015 10:07:42 PM