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2/29/2012 8:51:49 PM
Head of nuclear inspections at IAEA urges Iranian government to allow organisation inspectors to enter Parchin facility

World - Region
2/26/2012 6:41:32 PM
Recent assessments by US intelligence agencies say there's 'no serious evidence' of Iranian plans to develop nuclear weapons

World - Region
2/20/2012 11:38:48 AM
A Kuwaiti couple is found guilty of 'per-meditated murder' after beating and murdering their Flipina maid

World - Region
2/20/2012 11:00:15 AM
Uncontested vote to install Saleh's deputy, Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, as president to take place on Tuesday; next govt faces struggle to prevent descent into civil war

World - Region
2/13/2012 12:14:07 PM
Senior US military officer reveals in TV interview that Iran has increased naval forces in Gulf, believes best way to handle Iranian threats is through diplomacy

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2/12/2012 9:31:53 PM
Scheduled Arab League press conference is cancelled after Arab foreign ministers fail to reach consensus on GCC proposal to recognise Syrian opposition

World - Region
2/12/2012 6:31:43 PM
Saudi and Qatar call for ratcheting up pressure on embattled Syrian regime; Leaked Arab League draft resolution calls for 'halt of all diplomatic activity' with Damascus

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2/12/2012 5:19:41 PM
At Sunday Arab League meeting, Ben Jassim, Al-Faisal reiterate ostensible opposition to foreign military intervention in Syria, expressing preference for Arab peacekeeping force and eventual regime change

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2/12/2012 4:17:04 PM
Some Arab states fear move could ratchet up violence between Al-Assad regime and armed insurgency and drag troubled country into full-scale civil war, says Arab League source

World - Region
2/6/2012 1:57:58 PM
The foreign ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council will meet in Riyadh this week to discuss the Syrian crisis, days after Russia and china vetoed a UN resolution condemning the bloodshed in the Arab country

World - Region
1/31/2012 10:02:38 AM
US congress intends to impose more - and broader - economic and political sanctions on Iran in a bid to halt Tehran's nuclear program

World - Region
1/29/2012 2:39:18 PM
Following rise in violence ahead of uprising's 1st anniversary, Bahraini authorities move to make attacks on security personnel punishable by up to 15 years in jail

World - Region
1/28/2012 2:34:49 PM
Foreign ministers of Turkey and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member-states held talks on the problematic domestic situation in Syria amid Western and Arab endeavours for resorting to the UN Security Council

World - Region
1/25/2012 12:00:04 PM
Bahraini police uses force to disperse a peaceful protest by opposition groups, making several arrests in Shiite villages

World - Region
1/20/2012 1:56:25 PM
A new law proposed by the Yemeni government give legal immunity to to aides of President Ali Abdullah Saleh implicated in criminal charges

Business - Economy
1/19/2012 8:22:31 PM
Global body predicts 2.3 per cent growth for Egypt and its neighbours in 2012 but warns the region could bear the brunt of a European slowdown with serious falls in trade and tourism

World - Region
1/7/2012 3:56:15 PM
The Huthi rebels in Yemen pledge to to keep up their campaign for regime change in Yemen, saying that GCC deal with President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down did not answer the demands of the people

World - Region
1/3/2012 2:54:12 PM
The revolutions in the Middle East continue into a second year, changing the face of the Arab political arena, with allegiances are forged and broken

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1/2/2012 2:56:48 PM
Iran responds to US sanctions by testing missiles that reach as far as 200 km near the Strait of Hormuz, while the government also claims that scientists have conducted nuclear tests

World - Region
12/21/2011 2:06:04 PM
GCC member states endorse Saudi calls to form 'single entity' in face of ostensible threat from Iran

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