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11/14/2012 9:29:24 PM
Israeli air strike on Gaza city takes life of senior Hamas military commander Ahmed al-Jaabari, injures bodyguard, Hamas source and medics say

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11/14/2012 7:40:01 PM
Ahmed Jaabari, 52, assassinated in an Israeli air strike on a car in Gaza City, was one of the highest-ranking members of Hamas's armed wing and a life-long activist in the struggle against occupation

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3/28/2012 2:23:03 PM
In a small room in Gaza City, Lisa Masharawi reads by candlelight, dreaming of being able to study for her upcoming exams by the light that even a small generator could provide

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11/7/2011 4:09:50 PM
Israeli soldiers shoot at and wound three Palestinians east of Gaza City for allegedly planting explosives

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10/18/2011 2:50:12 PM
Mass rally held in Gaza City to celebrate the return of prisoners freed under swap deal with Israel, while thousands more rally in Ramallah where President Abbas appears before the crowds

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7/10/2011 3:06:32 PM
A Palestinian news agency said that a firebomb was hurled at its Gaza City newsroom, setting off a small fire Sunday morning

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3/24/2011 11:28:40 AM
Raid follows three air strike targeting Gaza City and tunnels in Rafah in response to rocket launches from the territory

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3/23/2011 11:27:28 AM
Israeli warplanes targeted a Gaza resistance group reportedly trying to fire rockets into Israel

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3/22/2011 12:34:09 PM
Israel launched an air strike on Gaza city as border clashes continue

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3/20/2011 3:03:18 PM
Palestinian medical officials said on Sunday they had found two bodies southeast of Gaza City, apparently shot by Israeli troops a day earlier

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12/14/2010 12:31:41 PM
On Tuesday, tens of thousand of Palestinians are gathering in Gaza City to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the founding of resistance movement, Hamas

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12/10/2010 2:39:59 PM
Two Palestinian teenagers were killed on Friday in a blast in Gaza City and another three Palestinians were wounded by Israeli gunfire earlier

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