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6/25/2023 9:10:00 PM
Vast crowds of robed Muslim faithful walked solemn circles around the Kaaba, the black cube at Mecca's Grand Mosque on Sunday to begin the biggest hajj pilgrimage in several years, in the heat of the Saudi summer.

Multimedia - In Pictures
4/17/2023 11:21:57 AM

Heritage - Folk Arts
7/8/2022 1:03:30 PM
Under the steady hum of a ceiling fan, Ahmed Othman weaves golden threads through black fabric, creating Koranic verses, a century after his grandfather's work adorned the Kaaba in Mecca's Grand Mosque.

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7/4/2022 5:27:08 PM
Saudi authorities have arrested and fined nearly 300 people caught trying to perform the hajj without permits, an official said Monday, as the kingdom prepares to receive 1 million people for the annual pilgrimage.

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12/30/2021 1:12:53 PM
Saudi Arabia on Thursday reimposed social distancing measures at the Grand Mosque in the Muslim holy city of Mecca, after recording the highest number of infections in months.

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10/17/2021 11:46:05 AM
The Grand Mosque in the Muslim holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia operated at full capacity Sunday, with worshippers praying shoulder-to-shoulder for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began.

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10/31/2020 1:17:57 PM

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3/7/2020 2:51:32 PM

Egypt - Politics
3/7/2018 9:09:01 PM
The 10th-century Mosque and University of Al-Azhar in Islamic Cairo re-opened this week after restoration

Year End Issue - World
1/4/2018 3:56:21 AM
Saudi Arabia hasn’t been faring well on the international front despite promising changes within the kingdom.

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8/24/2017 7:30:29 PM

Egypt - Politics
6/24/2017 11:03:15 AM
Saudi security foiled a terrorist operation Friday, in the last days of Ramadan

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6/24/2017 10:46:55 AM

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6/23/2017 9:24:58 PM

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5/7/2017 8:41:07 PM

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3/15/2017 12:22:47 PM

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7/2/2016 1:35:26 PM

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5/1/2016 7:52:17 PM

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5/1/2016 5:35:46 PM

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4/30/2016 8:45:41 AM

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