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World - Region
12/5/2020 12:47:17 PM
Bahrain will not allow the import of Israeli goods produced in settlements in occupied Palestinian territory, state news agency BNA reported, disavowing comments made by the Gulf state's trade minister earlier this week

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
11/10/2020 9:35:28 PM
There is little concern in the Arab Gulf states over major changes in US foreign policy under a Biden presidency

World - Region
10/27/2020 12:10:53 PM
A foreign ministry official also said in a statement that the Gulf state condemns all acts of terrorism, an apparent reference to the beheading of a Paris teacher who showed cartoons of the Prophet in a class on freedom of speech

World - Region
10/5/2020 11:40:32 AM
Syria's foreign minister on Sunday accepted the credentials of Oman's Ambassador Turki bin Mahmood al-Busaidy, appointed to the post in a royal decree in March

World - Region
9/14/2020 5:40:49 PM

World - Region
8/31/2020 6:30:11 PM

World - Region
8/20/2020 5:43:29 PM

World - Region
8/17/2020 9:10:53 AM
The US-sponsored deal has been seen as firming up opposition to regional power Iran, which Gulf states, Israel and the United States view as the main threat in the conflict-riven Middle East

World - Region
8/15/2020 10:47:08 AM

World - Region
8/5/2020 4:21:23 PM

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
6/24/2020 7:05:00 AM
The swiftness with which Gulf states — particularly Saudi Arabia and the UAE — affirmed support for Egypt on Libya attests to a strategic alignment that could go beyond words

World - Region
5/15/2020 12:44:00 PM
The Covid-19 pandemic has led to growing pressure for the wealthy Gulf states to deport expatriate workers, writes Ahmed Mostafa

Egypt - Politics
3/5/2020 4:58:00 PM
The Gulf state's deputy health minister said all cases in the country at present are Kuwaiti nationals

Opinion -
1/29/2020 11:47:20 AM
If some Arab countries go along with Trump’s plan on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it is only because Iran has ramped up its threats towards its Arab neighbours

World - Region
9/19/2019 8:45:00 PM

Egypt - Politics
7/17/2019 7:38:53 PM
Kuwait’s arrest of an eight-member terrorist cell linked to the Muslim Brotherhood suggests the Gulf state could follow its neighbours in designating the group a terrorist organisation, writes Gamal Essam El-Din

World - Region
3/26/2019 1:59:59 PM

Sports - World
2/26/2019 5:59:24 PM

World - Region
2/17/2019 10:40:00 AM

World - Region
1/13/2019 5:15:57 PM

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