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Egypt - Politics
1/5/2012 1:00:00 PM
The ousted leader's helicopter is delayed for a second day running as the prosecution prepare to conclude their case on Thursday

Egypt - Politics
12/28/2011 3:28:27 PM
Prosecution calls Army Chief-of-Staff Sami Anan to testify; Defence summons intel chief Mourad Mouafi to the stand

Egypt - Politics
12/28/2011 10:39:04 AM
The fifth session in the trial of ousted president Hosni Mubarak proceeds today

Egypt - Politics
10/30/2011 12:00:34 PM
Trial of former Egypt president postponed as court awaits decision on whether the presiding judge will be replaced

Egypt - Politics
10/27/2011 6:16:14 PM
With their demands for the Ministry of Interior to be reformed and purged of convicted former minister Habib El-Adly's appointees, non-commissioned officers refuse to give in to pressure to end their strike

Egypt - Politics
10/27/2011 4:38:00 PM
Many Egyptians were outraged over the mild sentence handed out in the murder of Khaled Said, whose brutal killing at police hands over a year ago helped trigger the Egyptian revolution

Egypt - Elections 2011
10/24/2011 4:31:32 PM
Lower-ranking policemen took to the streets Monday calling for the removal of the interior minister, a cleansing of remnants of the old regime in the ministry and higher wages

Egypt - Politics
9/17/2011 10:46:19 AM
CD footage deemed key to the prosecution of ousted president Mubarak is shown in court, though neither he nor defence lawyers were present

Multimedia -
9/13/2011 12:14:56 AM
Zamalek 'Ultras' slam the interior ministry during Friday's peaceful march to Tahrir

Egypt - Politics
9/8/2011 6:50:45 PM
In a turnabout from yesterday's session, top police witnesses accuse former Mubarak minister of interior, Habib El-Adly, of directly ordering the use of all means necessary — including live fire — to stop January's protests

Egypt - Politics
8/25/2011 4:04:06 PM
In a series of explosive claims, a retired police officer says documents he possesses show the journalist Reda Helal was murdered by the Mubarak regime and that State Security was behind the Two Saints Church bombing

Egypt - Politics
8/15/2011 2:46:47 PM
The case against the toppled president and the former interior minister for killing protesters were today merged

Egypt - Politics
8/14/2011 1:07:40 PM
Lawyers defending the martyrs of the revolution claim they are not being given fair access to the courtroom to put forward their case against Habib El-Adly and his former assistants

Egypt - Politics
8/14/2011 12:58:48 PM

Egypt - Politics
8/9/2011 1:35:42 PM
Though many Egyptians doubted it, Mubarak, his sons and cronies appeared in the dock, but will the trial of century, as the media has called it, bring closure to the nation or reignite popular outrage?

Egypt - Politics
8/8/2011 1:48:47 PM
Ousted president, former prime minster and minister of interior appeal against conviction for cutting communication links in Egypt in the early days of the 18-day uprising

Egypt - Politics
8/7/2011 3:10:06 PM
Port Said's ex-security chief will be tried for killing protesters during the height of Egypt's revolution, alongside former minister of interior Habib El-Adly

Egypt - Politics
8/4/2011 1:32:33 PM
Former interior minister's trial for murdering protesters postponed to give lawyers time to study evidence

Egypt - Politics
8/4/2011 12:49:25 PM
Serving time for other offences, Mubarak's former interior minister appears again in court on murder charges

Egypt - Politics
8/3/2011 3:55:07 PM
Ahram Online is on the scene as Egypt sees the world's first trial of a former leader in a civil court in his own country

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