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Opinion -
10/4/2022 8:30:49 PM
Sex is becoming a lucrative business. This is not new. For centuries women have either sold their bodies willingly or been forced to do it. In today's globalized economy, the negative associations of sex with adultery are largely overlooked.

Egypt - Politics
6/29/2021 10:26:57 PM
Minister Halal Zayed did not reveal the number of vaccinated people, but a presidential advisor said it hover at 5 million

Egypt - Politics
2/18/2021 10:11:36 PM
The minister's remarks were made at a meeting she hosted to follow up on the measures needed to digitise all services and projects presented by the ministry as part of the state's digital transformation plan

Egypt - Politics
12/22/2020 3:28:59 PM
The correct approach in the debate should be resolving the coronavirus crisis, not adding problems, stressing that the approach adopted by Dar Al-Iftaa is in line with Prophet Muhammad’s instructions'

World - International
12/20/2020 1:01:55 PM
Spokespeople for Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca have said that pork products are not part of their COVID-19 vaccines

World - International
12/17/2020 3:33:47 PM
The argument was made that this would 'reduce their suffering' but it was widely perceived as being a measure targeted at the Muslim halal tradition, and one that also effectively banned the Jewish kosher ritual

Business - Economy
4/12/2020 11:07:05 AM

Egypt - Politics
5/25/2019 6:22:47 PM
Ramadan is becoming more and more electronic, with many people now doing their good deeds by mobile phone

World - International
3/16/2019 12:55:56 PM

Egypt - Politics
3/22/2018 7:13:01 PM
Ahmed Eleiba listens to soldiers' stories from the frontlines in north Sinai

Opinion -
3/15/2018 2:52:42 AM
Without help or succumbing to pressure or colonial plots, Egypt has stood up strong on its own feet, confronting terrorism, protecting its identity and securing its national achievements

Egypt - Politics
3/8/2018 6:22:55 PM
Ahmed Eleiba reviews the first four weeks of Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018

Egypt - Politics
2/17/2017 7:11:19 PM
The soldiers were killed in an explosion during a raid in the El-Halal mountain area in central Sinai

Rio - News
5/10/2016 5:16:24 PM

Egypt - Politics
3/24/2016 2:09:36 PM
The explosives were seized in Al-Mahager area at Halal Mountain in North Sinai according to the military spokesperson

Arts & Culture - Screens
1/13/2016 1:20:18 PM
Directed by Assad Fouladkar, 'Halal Love (and Sex)' is the only Lebanese film vying for an award in Sundance Festival's World Cinema Dramatic Competition section

Egypt - Politics
12/27/2015 2:56:35 PM
The army spokesperson said another suspected militant near Mount Halal

World - International
2/21/2015 4:51:59 PM
Muslim community organisations believe halal slaughter is under threat

World - International
11/26/2014 6:15:04 PM

Life & Style - Health
6/16/2014 9:37:31 AM
Halal food standards have recently been proven to be more complicated and challenging than ever to global producers

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