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12/10/2011 10:47:21 AM
Israeli forces launched an air raid on a training camp in Gaza but no casualties reported

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12/9/2011 11:09:01 AM
Israeli air strikes on Gaza Strip kills at least three people and Palestinian militants, as Hamas describes the attack as a 'crime' and accuses Israel of ratcheting up violence in the area

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12/7/2011 3:29:02 PM
Gaza govt says Israel's Al-Nakb Prison is subjecting Palestinian detainees' female family members to humiliating searches

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12/2/2011 11:20:23 AM
The Syrian National Council vows to cut ties with Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas if they rise to power

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11/28/2011 5:27:29 PM
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas hopes elections would be held on 4 May next year, mentioning that an interim government will be made up of 'technocrats and independent members'

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11/28/2011 4:32:01 PM
President of Palestine's National Authority(PNA) Mahmoud Abbas says he wishes that Hamas could agree to recognise Israel after last week reconciliation talks in Cairo with the Islamist movement's chief Khaled Meshaal

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11/27/2011 4:54:30 PM
Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad says he will be unable to pay the the salaries of tens of thousands of civil servants, as Israeli economic sanctions start to bite

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11/27/2011 1:25:13 PM
Egypt's first post-revolution vote will see a shift in country's political scene in Hamas' favour, whether or not the Muslim Brotherhood wins, analysts and Hamas officials say

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11/27/2011 12:34:28 PM
Senior Hamas figure says that rival Palestinian leaders have tacitly decided to keep their respective governments in the West Bank and Gaza in place until elections are held

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11/27/2011 9:24:07 AM
Israel hit Gaza strip with two airstrikes, with no report of causalities from the Palestinian side

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11/24/2011 5:49:22 PM
Talks stalled since May resume in Cairo; further meeting scheduled for December

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11/24/2011 9:37:42 AM
Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas and Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal meet in the Egyptian capital Cairo on Thursday in a bid to cement a reconciliation deal that has stalled for more than six months

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11/21/2011 12:12:13 PM
King Abdullah's surprise visit to Fatah's Abbas in the West Bank is the first in a decade, coming just ahead of a Cairo meeting to cement the power-sharing plan with Hamas

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11/16/2011 11:56:51 AM
In former president Yasser Arafat's death memorial, Mahmud Abbas renew his promise to cooperate with all the Palestinian factions including Hamas to form an interim government

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11/12/2011 10:58:53 AM
Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas and Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal are to meet in Cairo on 24 Novemberfor new reconciliation talks

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11/4/2011 7:34:21 PM
Israel navy halts Canadian and Irish activist vessels 35 miles from Gaza shore, forcing them to divert to Ashdod in Israel where they face questioning by local police and immigration authorities

Egypt -
11/4/2011 7:11:37 PM

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11/4/2011 5:44:00 PM

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11/4/2011 4:51:33 PM
The Israel army reports in a statement it has boarded the Tahrir and Saoirse and is forcing them to Ashdod port

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11/4/2011 3:37:48 PM

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