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Egypt - Politics
7/14/2013 1:33:08 PM
El-Beblawi says new administration to be composed of 30 members; will not eliminate information ministry or government subsidies on basic commodities

Egypt - Politics
7/11/2013 11:36:49 PM
Some ministrial portfolios may be merged with each other while information ministry may be done away with altogether, newly-appointed Egyptian Premier Hazem El-Beblawi declares Thursday

Egypt - Politics
7/11/2013 10:56:51 AM
Egyptian head of government says toppled president's group won't be eliminated from cabinet roles, competence is decisive factor

Egypt - Politics
7/10/2013 10:45:43 PM
Talks ongoing to finalise formation of new cabinet, Hazem El-Beblawi tells Reuters

Egypt - Politics
7/9/2013 8:41:16 PM
New cabinet will retain the same interior, defence and foreign affairs ministers

Egypt - Politics
7/9/2013 5:07:00 PM
Following several other names initially floated for post, liberal economist Hazem El-Beblawi is appointed prime minister by Egypt's new interim president

Egypt - Politics
7/7/2013 12:54:28 PM
Former presidential candidate Hazem Salah Abu-Ismail detained over allegations he incited murder of anti-Morsi protesters

Egypt - Politics
7/5/2013 9:09:02 PM
Salafist Hazem Salah Abu Ismail arrested, security sources says

Egypt - Politics
7/4/2013 10:17:14 PM
Recently reinstated Mubarak-era prosecutor general adds new names to travel ban targeting leading Islamist figures

Egypt - Politics
6/24/2013 5:09:17 PM
Salafist figure Hazem Abu-Ismail condemns statements by Defence Minister Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, who recently hinted at armed forces' readiness to intervene in Egypt's charged political scene

World - International
6/23/2013 9:56:06 AM
Malaysia declared a state of emergency some areas as smoky haze from land-clearing fires in Indonesia pushed air pollution above the level considered hazardous

Egypt - Politics
5/19/2013 3:04:26 PM
A member of Salafist Sheikh Hazem Salah Abu-Ismail's Hazemoon movement is given a life prison sentence and LE20,000 fine for possession of unlicensed firearms, allegedly used in attack on Wafd Party HQ

Egypt - Politics
5/14/2013 10:11:56 AM
Salafist figure Hazem Salah Abu-Ismail says petition to 'withdraw confidence' from President Morsi has no legal basis

Egypt - Politics
5/9/2013 7:23:11 PM
Several Egyptian political figures – including Salafist preacher Hazem Abu-Ismail – will be questioned by military prosecutors over recent comments deemed 'offensive' to country's armed forces

Egypt - Politics
5/2/2013 10:12:33 PM
Hundreds of Islamists march to National Security headquarters in Cairo's Nasr City; Salafist preacher Hazem Salah Abu-Ismail and Islamist leader Hossam Abu El-Bokhary to be investigated after calling for protest

Egypt - Politics
4/21/2013 3:54:57 PM
Followers of Salafist preacher Hazem Salah Abu-Ismail released on bail after being arrested during clashes at Mansoura University

Egypt - Politics
4/20/2013 7:11:40 PM
Complaint against Salafist Abdel-Rahman Ezz alleging attempted arson is dropped; Wafd Party calls for youth unity

Egypt - Politics
4/15/2013 4:40:00 PM
Abdel-Rahman Ezz, supporter of Salafist preacher Hazem Abu-Ismail, is detained by authorities for alleged involvement in last December's attack on Wafd Party's Cairo headquarters

Egypt - Politics
3/24/2013 4:33:15 PM
Several Islamist groups stage demonstrations on Sunday outside Cairo's Media Production City (MPC) to denounce 'bias, inaccuracy' in Egyptian media

Egypt - Politics
3/23/2013 3:30:33 PM
Former presidential hopeful holds 'liberal' politicians and media figures responsible for current strife in Egypt

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