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Sports - Talents Abroad
10/19/2020 8:24:00 PM
Follow Ahram Online's weekend coverage of Egyptian footballers playing overseas

Opinion -
6/30/2020 1:05:16 AM
Egypt continues to build upon its strengths in its march to the future

Opinion -
5/8/2020 12:11:00 PM
The post-coronavirus world will need not only a vision, but also practical mechanisms to translate hopes and aspirations into robust reality

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
11/5/2019 5:24:19 PM
'Albi' (My Heart) is created and directed by Sabrine El Hossamy

Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
10/22/2019 10:50:39 PM
Egypt should prepare a complete dossier on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam that could serve as the basis for a comprehensive regional development project, writes Mohamed Hegazy

Sports - Talents Abroad
10/19/2019 6:27:31 PM
Ahmed Hegazi played his first game for West Bromwich since his ankle surgery last July

Opinion -
1/12/2019 10:33:13 AM
Last year’s Nine Ministers Meeting between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia should lead to the establishment of the Blue Nile Management Authority, an important step forward in the management of regional water resources

Opinion -
12/5/2018 8:04:41 PM
Egypt is preparing a range of practical initiatives that will help transform the continent as it gears up to take over the chairmanship of the African Union in January next year

Sports - National Teams
10/10/2018 1:34:46 PM
The Pharaohs host eSwatini in Cairo on Friday before facing them away four days later

Egypt - Politics
8/20/2018 2:15:30 PM
Ahram Online sat down with senior official Dr. Mohamed Hegazy to discuss the law, which has caused some controversy

Sports - Talents Abroad
2/17/2018 7:11:58 PM

Opinion -
1/13/2018 5:21:05 AM
Cooperation, not conflict, is the way to turn the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam from a threat to an opportunity

Opinion -
12/21/2017 9:33:26 AM
The strategic losses that both the US and Israel may suffer as a result of the decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem should convince Washington to repeal its decision

Egypt - Politics
10/18/2017 6:56:53 PM

Sports - Talents Abroad
9/28/2017 6:54:33 PM

Egypt - Politics
9/14/2017 6:20:06 PM

Egypt - Politics
8/7/2017 12:42:45 PM
High on the agenda was the outcome of a recent Paris meeting between Libya’s Prime Minister Fayez Al-Serraj and the divided country's eastern commander Haftar

Egypt - Politics
8/3/2017 1:44:56 PM
Lieutenant General Mahmoud Hegazy held talks with rival Libyan delegations to discuss reconciliation

Sports - Talents Abroad
7/21/2017 3:12:29 PM

Sports - Talents Abroad
7/19/2017 3:13:31 PM
Hegazy joined the Baggies for a season-long loan from Ahly for a fee of one million euros

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