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World - Region
10/26/2011 11:31:44 AM

World - Region
10/23/2011 6:21:03 PM
Libya's NTC declared the liberation of the Libyan soil from the 41 years rule of Gaddafi's regime

World - Region
10/22/2011 6:05:33 PM
Libya's National Transitional Council expects to announce on Sunday the liberation of all the Libyan soil to open the door for the preparation of elections in the coming few months

Egypt - Politics
10/20/2011 11:45:25 AM
Family of Egyptian blogger on hunger strike for 58 days in shock at military court decision; 'Maikel is not mentally ill, he is perfectly sane' says brother

World - Region
10/17/2011 10:16:11 AM
Saudi Arabia's official news agency says that the kingdom's aging ruler has been transferred to hospital in the nation's capital for back surgery

Sports - Egyptian Football
10/13/2011 12:45:34 PM
The team’s coach will be back to regular training in 14 days, Ahly coach visited him at the hospital

World - International
10/11/2011 12:04:32 PM
Pneumonia sees Bosnian Serb facing war crimes charges Ratko Mladic to hospital

Egypt - Politics
10/10/2011 8:49:41 PM
Families of those killed during Sunday's violent clashes between protesters and the army not satisfied by hospital reports on causes of death, wait for hours to demand autopsies to determine who murdered their loved ones

Egypt - Politics
10/10/2011 2:49:19 PM
After a night of violence between demonstrators, the army and security forces, families and friends of the dead come together at Cairo's Coptic Hospital to prepare for a funerary march to Abbasseya Cathedral

Egypt - Politics
10/10/2011 1:58:17 PM
Funerals of victims from Maspero clashes held up by prosecutor's demand for autopsies to be performed

Egypt - Politics
10/9/2011 5:46:26 PM
Blogger to continue hunger strike if not released at appeal trial on Tuesday while the ruling military council ignores family's appeals to transfer him to hospital

World - Region
10/9/2011 2:36:52 PM
Libya’s NTC fighters say they seized the main hospital in Gaddafi’s hometown Sirte

Egypt - Politics
10/2/2011 12:29:30 PM
Maikel Nabil vows to refuse water depending on appeal verdict set for 4 October; family fear for his life as military council refuses hospital transfer

Egypt - Politics
9/26/2011 2:29:57 PM
Helmy says patients receiving adequate care despite ongoing doctors' strike

World - Region
9/23/2011 4:32:55 PM
Palestinian hospital sources say a Palestinian man was shot dead after settlers attacked a village near Nablus

World - Region
9/22/2011 3:57:02 PM
Gaddafi spokesman Moussa Ibrahim says that NATO and National Transitional Council forces' fire killed 151, reports shortages at main hospital

Egypt - Politics
9/20/2011 11:03:05 PM
A party founded and led by Hossam Badrawi, a hospital tycoon and former secretary general of the NDP, has received official approval, despite demands that corrupt former regime figures be banned from political life

World - Region
9/20/2011 5:52:53 PM
The ICRC says that some Red Crescent teams have been threatened and assaulted in one of Sanaa's main hospitals

Sports - World
9/20/2011 10:15:20 AM

Egypt - Politics
9/19/2011 4:06:06 PM
Ministry of Health announces that Egyptian hospitals have admitted Libyans injured in combat against Gaddafi forces for treatment

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