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Egypt - First 100 days
6/30/2012 6:49:41 PM
The Muslim Brotherhood affirms it had no say in Mohamed Morsi's Saturday inauguration speeches, while questions still abound on what role the Islamist group will have in the Morsi presidency

World - Region
6/28/2012 10:27:25 AM
Hamas says, Kamal Hussein Ghannaja, a senior member of the Islamic group, was killed in Syria and accuses the Mossad of carrying out the "liquidation"

Egypt - Politics
6/23/2012 8:48:08 PM
Secular parties express discontent with Muslim Brotherhood and reject what they claim is Washington's endorsement of the Islamist group

Egypt - Politics
6/23/2012 12:00:00 PM
MP Hani Noureddin'a visit to the US raises questions on how thorough are US background checks, given his past affiliation with a militant Islamist group

Presidential elections 2012 - Presidential elections news
6/22/2012 7:36:24 PM
Islamist group says rumours are aimed at pressuring its candidate Mohamed Morsi into accepting the newly-reduced powers of the presidency

Egypt - Politics
6/21/2012 4:01:34 PM
Muslim Brotherhood will fight efforts to stifle democracy by peaceful methods, says Islamist group's deputy leader

Egypt - Politics
6/19/2012 10:00:11 AM
Court to hear lawsuit calling for dissolution of Egypt's largest Islamist group for violating law against religious-based political parties

Egypt - Politics
6/13/2012 4:23:29 PM
Notorious Islamist group announces plans to form political party, declares support for Mubarak-era PM Ahmed Shafiq against Brotherhood's Morsi in looming presidential showdown

World - International
6/10/2012 4:32:38 PM
A timeline of attacks against chruches claimed by Nigeria's Islamist group Boko Haram

Egypt - Politics
6/10/2012 1:11:48 PM
Activists reject claims of presidential contender Ahmed Shafiq, who seemed to suggest last week that the Islamist group attacked demonstrators during 2011's 18-day uprising

World - International
6/7/2012 10:17:21 AM
Islamist group Boko Haram claims the killing of Nigerian deputy police chief in Kano

Business - Economy
6/6/2012 4:56:08 PM
Islamist group will move fast on a long-awaited IMF loan if its candidate Morsi proves successful in presidential election, putting rapid economic growth ahead of ideology

World - International
6/6/2012 9:32:42 AM
Cooperation with US and Nigeria expected to start in attempting to crackdown on the Islamist group Boko Haram

Egypt - Politics
6/5/2012 12:29:31 PM
Militant Islamist groups – previously dormant – have resurfaced following Egypt's revolution. While some fear their potential impact on security, others say the threat is being overstated

Egypt - First 100 days
6/4/2012 2:12:40 PM
Islamist group calls on voters to cast ballots for Morsi to save Egypt's revolution from reconstituted Mubarak regime under presidential rival Shafiq

Books - Arab
5/29/2012 1:33:04 PM
New book by Saleh Zahreddine examines how post-Arab Spring Islamist groups define the 'other' by examining their literature and ideological statements

Presidential elections 2012 - Presidential elections news
5/26/2012 9:22:05 PM
Main presidential rivals fail to attend Saturday meeting called by Islamist group to generate backing for Mohamed Morsi in June's election runoff

Business - Economy
5/12/2012 8:30:55 PM
Mohamed Morsi and Khairat El-Shater help cement the Islamist group's business-friendly reputation during a mid-week gathering; policy details, however, remain vague

World - Region
5/12/2012 1:19:16 PM
Unmarked suspected Islamist group al-Nusra Front claims responsibility in a video for the twin blasts struck the Syrian capital Damascus that left 55 people dead and hundreds others injured

World - Region
5/9/2012 1:36:22 PM
An Islamist group that abducted seven Algerian diplomats in Mali has warned Algiers that if it fails to meet its demands within 30 days, the hostages' lives will be in danger

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