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Life & Style - Health
3/14/2021 1:10:30 PM
More twins are being born now than ever before, largely due to rising use of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and other assisted reproduction techniques, the first global study of human twinning has found

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5/7/2019 9:36:34 PM

Life & Style - Health
4/4/2019 2:17:36 PM
children conceived by IVF were 17 percent more likely to develop cancer

Life & Style - Health
9/9/2018 10:02:32 AM
Kids born through in vitro fertilization may be more likely to develop high blood pressure, a new study suggests

Life & Style - Health
5/28/2017 3:27:15 PM
Patients and medical centres alike struggle with the ethical questions around sex selection as more advanced genetic profiling becomes popular in Egypt

Life & Style - Health
5/29/2016 12:09:15 PM
Parents who long wanted a second child were prevented by a strict population control policy for more than 30 years

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3/23/2016 8:42:03 PM
In July 1987, Aboulghar and his team saw the birth of Egypt’s first ever IVF child: a baby girl named Hebattoullah (a gift from God)

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2/25/2015 4:10:11 PM
Critics of the IVF technique argue that it will not create designer babies and could instead have permamnent affects on human DNA

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2/3/2015 6:42:26 PM

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8/27/2013 11:41:49 AM
Instead of spending tens of thousands of pounds on attaining IVF results, doctors are stessing that cheaper methods will do

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4/23/2012 12:52:06 PM
Babies conceived through fertility treatment techniques are one-third more likely to have a birth defect though it is not clear why