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World - International
4/9/2020 8:14:36 PM

World - International
4/6/2020 10:08:00 PM

Egypt - Politics
2/25/2020 1:03:13 PM
Mubarak had entered the intensive care unit after undergoing surgery two weeks ago

Egypt - Politics
2/23/2020 12:47:15 PM
Mubarak was operated on in January, though his son, Alaa Mubarak, added no further details on his medical condition

Egypt - Politics
11/21/2019 3:46:00 PM
Suzanne Mubarak is in intensive care after undergoing surgery earlier in November, her eldest son Alaa Mubarak tweeted on Wednesday

World - Region
5/25/2018 10:57:54 AM

Sports - World
5/10/2018 12:30:22 PM

Egypt - Politics
12/29/2015 7:22:29 PM
The baby is currently in a stable condition in the intensive care unit at Tanta university hospital

Antiquities - Ancient Egypt
6/23/2015 5:54:54 PM
The funerary mask of the golden king Tutankahmun is to go into intensive care for restoration

Sports - World
5/4/2015 1:14:44 PM

Books - News
2/28/2015 7:15:59 PM
Kemal died at Istanbul's Capa Hospital where he was admitted on Jan. 14 and was being treated in its intensive care unit for multiple organ failure

Sports - World
11/28/2014 9:44:12 AM

World - International
11/18/2013 7:32:26 PM
South Africa's anti-apartheid icon has received intensive care at home since September after a roughly three-month hospital stay for a lung infection

Egypt - Politics
10/24/2013 7:33:29 PM
Death of Mohamed Ibrahim Ali, in intensive care since Sunday, brings Al-Adra church attack causalities to 5

World - International
12/30/2012 9:50:29 AM
US former President George H.W. Bush's condition is improved and in good spirits

World - International
12/27/2012 12:19:27 PM
Family spokesman say ex-US President George H.W. Bush is currently in intensive care at a Houston hospital after being admitted to hospital for bronchitis last month

Sports - Egyptian Football
9/1/2012 6:41:07 PM
Mahmoud El-Gohary falls into a coma, taken to intensive care in Jordanian capital Amman

Books -
7/3/2012 6:02:39 PM
Ezzedine Choukri Fishere’s latest novel, Exit Door, represents a new genre of futuristic political fiction

Egypt - Politics
6/10/2012 2:00:02 PM
Onetime presidential hopeful talks about the grave obstacles the Egyptian revolution faces during a candid TV interview

Sports - World
3/19/2012 6:08:29 PM
England Fabrice Muamba began breathing independently and responding to family members on Monday, showing significant signs of recovery in intensive care two days after suffering a cardiac arrest during a match

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