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Opinion -
12/13/2013 8:42:40 AM
The serious shortcomings of the current government may prompt the masses to launch a third wave of the great revolution of the Egyptian people

Egypt - Politics
12/1/2013 12:53:09 PM
For the first time since Islamist president Mohamed Morsi's ouster on 3 July, the UK voices explicit support for the plan opposed by his supporters

Opinion -
11/30/2013 10:03:10 AM
The progress of humanity is based on freedom and creativity. Any society or regime that encroaches on one of them is doomed to backwardness and recession. What about those who infringe on both?

Opinion -
11/28/2013 9:01:01 AM
Egypt's largest Islamist organisation has adopted a strategy of defiance and resistance since the fall of president Mohammad Morsi. Will it pay off?

Egypt - Politics
11/27/2013 7:34:28 PM
The new protest law has created a rift among the supporters of Egypt's current interim government

Egypt - Politics
11/17/2013 10:01:07 PM
A Muslim Brotherhood source reveals to Ahram Online the group's view on the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy's intentions to negotiate with the interim government

Opinion -
11/16/2013 7:57:42 PM
What is the fate of existing religious parties in Egypt, which have real popular support? And are we seeing the return of the former regime?

Egypt - Politics
11/13/2013 9:53:06 AM
Youth group calls on interim government to implement political, not security solutions to country's problems

Egypt - Politics
11/12/2013 11:10:04 AM
Interim government irritated by fresh Turkish calls for release of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi after his appearance in court last week

Egypt - Politics
11/5/2013 3:53:53 PM
PM El-Beblawi says the draft bill regulating protests has been subject to review by legal and human rights bodies

Egypt - Politics
11/3/2013 1:49:07 PM
US Secretary of State John Kerry asserts his country's commitment to cooperate with Egypt, says aid cut 'small issue'

Egypt - Politics
10/22/2013 3:36:39 PM
Opinion poll conducted in September shows Egyptians satisfied with performance of interim leaders and feel safer than month before

Egypt - Politics
10/21/2013 4:56:29 PM
Maspero Youth Union criticises interim government for failing to protect Copts, demands compensation for victims

Egypt - Politics
10/19/2013 11:54:39 AM
Mohamed Ali Bishr rejected a recent initiative to foster national dialogue between the interim government and the Muslim Brotherhood, claiming that the mediator is biased in favour of the government

Egypt - Politics
10/10/2013 4:01:18 PM
US 'committed to success of [interim] government,' Kerry says following announcement of aid curtailment

Egypt - Politics
10/7/2013 2:54:22 PM
Muslim Brotherhood appeals seizing of group funds and establishing of a panel to administer frozen assets

Business - Economy
9/30/2013 8:50:30 PM
Egypt's interim government intends to cut fuel subsidies, amend taxes before it leaves office, officials say

Egypt - Politics
9/25/2013 8:48:34 PM
Analysts believe the US has prioritised its 'interests' over 'ideals' in dealing with new interim government in Cairo

Egypt - Politics
9/25/2013 3:56:07 PM
Egypt's FM Nabil Fahmy says interim-government committed to transition to democracy, not worried about US aid

Opinion -
9/19/2013 10:16:40 AM
Islamists and the people made mistakes during the first transitional period. These should not be repeated in the second period, the most important outcome of which is the constitution

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