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War in Ukraine - Humanitarian
9/17/2022 7:40:55 PM
The EU presidency on Saturday called for the establishment of an international tribunal for war crimes after new mass graves were found in Ukraine.

World - Region
10/17/2011 6:00:43 PM
Four Hezbollah members, suspected of involvement in the 2005 suicide bombing which killed the former Lebanese prime minister, remain at large

World - Region
6/27/2011 4:04:45 PM
Arabic newspapers reports that the International tribunal will issue Hariri indictments in next two days

World - Region
2/14/2011 2:58:27 PM
Former Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri decides to shift to opposition rank, after the collapse of his unity government month ago

World - Region
1/12/2011 2:55:39 PM
Israeli and American military officials indicate that the US would resort to military measures if Hezbollah reacts violently to the International Tribunal's potential indictment of its members

World - Region
12/29/2010 12:10:11 PM
Two years after the murder of a Lebanese army officer who cooperated with the international tribunal charged with investigating the Hariri assassination, his parents continue to wait for a just retribution

World - Region
12/18/2010 3:34:17 PM
In the war of minds between them, Lebanon's resistance movement Hizbullah made advances over Israel's Mossad, uncovering the latter's espionage efforts

World - Region
12/9/2010 3:35:08 PM
STL proceedings, trying those convicted of Hariri's assassination, could begin in Setpember or October 2011, says the new head of the UN backed tribunal

World - Region
12/9/2010 1:54:48 PM
The French and Syrian presidents are meeting in Paris to discuss post-indictment scenarios as the Special Tribunal on Lebanon is set to name names