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World - Region
9/8/2011 12:16:49 PM
The owner of Arrai TV, the only media outlet still contact with Gaddafi, describes the Libyan leader as a symbol of Arab resistance against foreign occupation

Business - Economy
9/7/2011 6:12:38 PM
Demand for electricity in Iraq currently outstrips supply by two to one, making quick projects attached to the general network a priority

World - Region
9/6/2011 2:44:27 PM
The president of north Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan region Massud Barzani calls US troops to stay in Iraq past 2012 to avoid a civil war as a result of the serious internal divisions

World - Region
9/6/2011 2:40:17 PM
Iranian Revolutionary Guards say that Iraq's Kurdish autonomous government must clarify the ceasefire call by Kurdish rebels

World - Region
9/5/2011 2:20:47 PM
The elite Revolutionary Guards say Iran has to decide on a call by Kurdish rebels for a ceasefire in a major assault it launched along the Iraqi border last week

World - Region
9/5/2011 2:06:26 PM
Radical anti-US Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr says he is giving the Iraqi government a "last chance" to implement reforms, warning that calling for popular demonstrations would be called if his demands were not fulfilled

Sports - World
9/5/2011 10:37:52 AM
Iraqi head coach Zico has slammed the artificial turf at Singapore’s Jalan Besar stadium, deeming it unprofessional ahead of their Asian World Cup qualifying clash on Tuesday

World - Region
9/4/2011 3:48:25 PM
Iraq's foreign minister says 11 Iraqi fisherman detained by Kuwaiti forces in disputed waters have been released

World - Region
9/3/2011 6:47:00 PM
Iran ends its "one month grace period" launching new military attacks against Kurdish rebels on the border with Iraq days after Turkey announced up to 160 militants killed inside Iraqi territory

World - Region
9/1/2011 12:50:27 PM
Fourteen Iraqi prisoners facing terrorism charges remain missing in Mosul after thirty-five of them escaped, forcing the police to impose a curfew on the city

Sports - World
8/27/2011 10:48:25 AM
The Iraqi Football Federation says former Brazilian great Zico has arrived in the country to negotiate a deal to coach the national team

World - Region
8/26/2011 3:18:20 PM
Three rockets fired in Iraq's southern oil port city of Basra landed inside Iraq and were not aimed at Kuwait or the disputed Mubarak port, an Iraqi official stated

World - Region
8/24/2011 2:19:07 PM
The Red Cross says that many of the one million Iraqi women who head Iraqi households are in continuous struggle to afford basic living expenses, failing to cope with their male-role position

Sports - World
8/23/2011 9:35:18 PM
The Brazilian soccer great Zico is set to coach the Iraqi national team through the 2014 World Cup in his home country

Business - Economy
8/23/2011 10:45:58 AM
Energy giant must tackle opposition from oil rivals and Iraqi officials, while lack of legal framework is likely to complicate a final agreement

Business - Economy
8/17/2011 5:05:45 PM
An Iraqi man, father of six daughters is suing the country leaders to demand his share of the oil wealth. Iraq has been ranked fourth most corrupt in the world by Transparency International

World - Region
8/16/2011 5:30:04 PM
In the mass scale attacks that took place in a number of Iraqi cities on Monday, killing approximately 70 people, fears emerge about the escalation of similar attacks by Al Qaeda affiliates

World - Region
8/16/2011 1:57:31 PM
An Iraqi technical delegation has held talks in Kuwait over a seaport Baghdad claims would strangle its narrow shipping lanes in the Gulf

World - Region
8/14/2011 2:08:02 PM
Kuwait beefs up security around a controversial port project ahead of a visit by an Iraqi delegation for talks

Arts & Culture - Film
8/14/2011 2:07:26 PM
The Iraqi parliament tells the communications sector to blacklist the controversial TV series depicting the prophet's companions

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