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War in Ukraine - Humanitarian
4/3/2022 1:10:02 PM
‚ÄčAs evidence mounts of "appalling acts" in the Ukrainian towns of Irpin and Bucha, Russia's attacks on civilians must be investigated as war crimes, Britain's foreign minister said Sunday.

War in Ukraine - Military
4/2/2022 9:10:59 PM
Ukraine has regained control of "the whole Kyiv region" after invading Russian forces retreated from some key towns near the Ukrainian capital, deputy defence minister Ganna Maliar said on Saturday.

War in Ukraine - Military
3/19/2022 2:35:26 PM
Over the past 24 hours, Russian forces have fired at eight cities and villages in the eastern Donetsk region, using aviation, rocket and heavy artillery.

World - International
7/29/2013 11:30:38 AM
38 people are killed and 10 injured when a bus plunged off a viaduct in southern Italy in one of the worst such accidents in Europe in recent years