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World - International
3/5/2013 4:20:50 PM
VP Joe Biden says all options, including sanctions and diplomacy, must be used with Iran amid an international crisis on the Islamic republic's nuclear activities

World - Region
2/18/2013 10:48:56 PM
Islamic republic's Amir Kabir University of Technology will reveal Iran's latest achievements in aerospace at upcoming conference, Iranian news agency reports

World - Region
2/14/2013 9:29:56 PM
The head of the GCC rejects Iran's proposition to discuss the crisis in both Bahrain and Syria in upcoming talks on Tehran's nuclear programme as provocative interference in the internal affairs of Arab states

World - Region
2/14/2013 4:16:39 PM
An IAEA-Iran talks in Tehran reaches no deal on nuclear sites dilemma amid continuous rounds of UN sanctions on the Islamic republic

World - Region
2/8/2013 12:04:57 PM
Iran claims newly-imposed US sanctions on oil sector aim at 'creating tensions' amid international debate on the Islamic republic's nuclear activities

World - Region
2/6/2013 2:31:24 PM
Iranian prosecutor at the centre of a confrontation between two of the Islamic Republic's most powerful figures was freed, two days after he was arrested without explanation

World - Region
1/31/2013 10:35:42 AM
The West and Israel seem uncertain about the future of Iran's nuclear programme as the Islamic republic notified the IAEA with its plans use more uranium at Natanz plant

World - Region
1/26/2013 11:49:29 AM
Iran threatens any attack on Syria will be considered an attack on the Islamic Republic and its Arab ally after repeatedly warning the West against intervening in conflict

World - Region
1/20/2013 5:28:38 PM
The removal of President Al-Assad's regime in Syria is a red line for Iran, an expected potential contender in the Islamic republic's June presidential election

World - Region
1/19/2013 2:17:41 PM
Two days after the IAEA announced that nuclear talks with Iran has failed, Tehran says it will not stop uranium enrichment

World - Region
1/18/2013 11:35:55 AM
The IAEA team leaves Tehran as talks with the Islamic republic over its debatable nuclear activities proved unsuccessful, awaiting a second meeting on 12 February

World - Region
11/30/2012 6:46:38 PM
Iran's IAEA envoy denies the willingness of the Islamic republic to reach a nuclear weapon and describes six resolution passed by the UN Security Council on the issue as 'illegal'

Arts & Culture - Film
11/21/2012 5:42:27 PM
Delegation of Egyptian actors and filmmakers visits Iran to learn from the Islamic Republic's thriving film industry and build collaborative projects

World - Region
11/15/2012 11:36:33 AM
Islamic Republic condemns Israeli 'organised terrorism' following airstrikes in Gaza Strip, foreign ministry spokesman says

World - Region
11/12/2012 11:41:37 AM
Known for hardline anti-Western statements, Iran VP Reza Rahimi says the Islamic Republic will break grasping hands of the US president Obama and will be successful in bypassing the sanctions that hardly hit Iran's economy

World - Region
11/12/2012 10:12:46 AM
Amid heightened Washington-Tehran tensions, sanctions-plagued Iran begins large-scale air defence exercises in the country's eastern half

World - Region
11/8/2012 8:28:34 PM
As he again denied Iran was trying to develop nuclear weapons, president Ahmadinejad says the era of using nuclear weapons is over those who are stockpiling nuclear weapons are backward mentally retarded

Business - Economy
10/23/2012 11:40:44 AM
Islamic Republic has contingency plans to survive without oil revenues, minister says

Business - Economy
10/22/2012 7:50:11 PM
Iranian diplomat calls for relaxation of visa restrictions to boost economic ties between Egypt and Islamic Republic, says Iran could help tackle Egypt’s energy crisis

World - Region
10/19/2012 5:45:06 PM
Two state militiamen are killed and five others wounded in attack in the Islamic Republic's restive southeast

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