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Sports - National Teams
5/6/2012 10:12:27 PM
Egypt Olympic team will play Iraq, Sudan and Lebanon in the first round of the Arab Cup set to be played next June in Saudi Arabia

Sports - Talents Abroad
5/6/2012 4:56:43 PM
Ittihad Jeddah hoping to extend six-month loan deal of Egypt midfielder Hosni Abd-Rabou

Sports - Talents Abroad
5/2/2012 7:10:22 PM
Egyptian midfielder Hosni Abd-Rabou helps his Saudi club Ittihad Jeddah to reach the AFC Champions League round 16 after a 2-1 away win against Uzbek side Pakhtakor on Wednesday

Sports - Talents Abroad
4/28/2012 2:55:17 PM
Recent performances by Egypt's midfielder Abd-Rabou in the Saudi league have earned him the confidence of Spanish coach Caneda

Sports - Talents Abroad
4/22/2012 11:48:23 PM
Egypt's midfielder Hosni Abd-Rabou scors twice in Ittihad Jeddah's 2-2 draw against Al-Hilal in the Saudi Cup on Sunday

Sports - Talents Abroad
4/17/2012 9:03:23 PM
The international midfielder has recovered from a hamstring injury

Sports - Talents Abroad
4/17/2012 1:20:46 PM
Egyptian midfielder Hosni Abd-Rabou recovered from hamstring injury and is set to boost Ittihad Jeddah's midfield at AFC Champions league

Sports - Talents Abroad
4/12/2012 9:13:23 PM
Egyptian midfielder Hosni Abd-Rabou may be able to overcome a hamstring injury to play for Saudi side Ittihad Jeddah against Bani Yas next Tuesday

Sports - Talents Abroad
4/3/2012 5:05:00 PM
Injured midfielder Hosni Abd-Rabou, who will be available to Ittihad in two weeks, waits blessing of home club Ismaily to extend temporary stay in the Saudi league

Sports - Talents Abroad
3/31/2012 2:20:10 PM
Egypt’s Hosni Abd-Rabou, enjoying his time in the Saudi League, blames fatigue for the recent injury that has sidelined him pending the results of scans

Sports - Talents Abroad
3/30/2012 6:06:33 PM
Saudi reports say midfielder Hosni Abd-Rabou may be sidelined for up to six weeks after sustaining injury in Saudi league game

Sports - Talents Abroad
3/20/2012 4:07:39 PM
Ittihad Jeddah’s on-loan midfielder Hosni Abd-Rabou is playing well and content with club he joined in January

Sports - Talents Abroad
3/16/2012 3:28:26 PM
An assist by Egyptian international midfielder Hosni Abd-Rabou helps Ittihad Jeddah to a 1-0 Saudi League victory over Al-Faisaly

Sports - Talents Abroad
3/14/2012 8:01:57 PM
Ittihad Jeddah’s Egyptian midfielder Hosni Abd-Rabou says sorry to the Saudi club’s management and fans for substitution outburst

Sports - Talents Abroad
3/13/2012 4:10:56 PM
Player's angry reaction at being substituted during Ittihad's match against Al-Qadisiyah provokes criticism from management, coach unruffled

Sports - Talents Abroad
3/12/2012 3:40:02 AM
Hosni Abd-Rabou is angry at being substituted for the second consecutive match by Ittihad Jeddah coach Raul Caneda

Sports - Omni Sports
2/17/2012 2:52:12 PM
Behind concrete walls and out of sight of men, Saudi women wearing shorts and short-sleeve shirts meet three times a week to play soccer in an all-female club in Saudi Arabia’s port city of Jeddah

Sports - Talents Abroad
2/15/2012 6:06:29 PM
Ittihad Jeddah's Egyptian midfielder is to be fined for missing post-match interview

Sports - Egyptian Football
2/9/2012 9:10:43 PM
Following earlier denials, White Castle coach Hassan Shehata admits he's considering move to Saudi side Ittihad Jeddah

Sports - Egyptian Football
2/8/2012 7:40:33 PM
Hassan Shehata denies recent media reports suggesting he plans to take charge of Saudi side Ittihad Jeddah

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