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Arts & Culture - Entertainment
9/29/2015 10:37:39 AM

Egypt - Politics
12/4/2013 10:42:05 PM
In first appearance since cancellation of 'El-Bernameg' last month, Youssef tells the story behind troubles with CBC, says that the people who are angry at his jokes are the same ones who were laughing at them only months ago

Egypt - Politics
6/21/2013 11:30:42 PM
US satirist Jon Stewart makes a guest appearance on Bassem Youssef’s popular satirical show, El-Bernameg

Egypt - Politics
4/2/2013 8:38:36 PM
Presidency accuses US embassy in Cairo of engaging in 'political propaganda' following embassy's Twitter post condemning recent questioning of TV satirist Bassem Youssef

Egypt - Politics
12/25/2012 4:49:14 PM
Islamist journalist, Abu Islam Abdullah, tells Ahram Online he will fiercely oppose any insults against Muslim clerics by Bassem Youssef, a renowned satirist with a John Stewart-like show