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War in Ukraine - Humanitarian
3/8/2022 9:15:07 PM
McDonald's on Tuesday became the latest on the growing list of US multinational companies to suspend activities in Russia, joining Apple, Levi's and others, but some have chosen to stay in the country despite the risks to their reputation.

Egypt - Politics
3/12/2015 2:50:23 PM
The spike in violence targeting businesses ahead of tomorrow’s Economic Conference signals a shift in the pattern of low-level violence

Egypt - Politics
2/5/2015 10:27:52 AM
Unknown assailants open fire and throw Molotov cocktails at a restaurant in the Nile Delta governorate of Menoufiya

Business - Economy
11/6/2013 2:54:13 PM
KFC closes remaining branch for economic reasons

World - International
4/11/2013 9:40:58 AM
Analysts warns that the re-rise of bird flu in China will have a 'significant, negative impact' on fast food restaurants mainly selling chicken

World - Region
9/19/2012 9:14:02 PM
Following calls by Hizbullah's leader earlier this week for demonstrations across Lebanon in response to anti-Islam film, thousands protest in Tyre against the backdrop of newly published prophet cartoons

World - Region
9/14/2012 3:16:10 PM
Crowds angry at an anti-Islam film produced in the US burn a KFC franchise in Tripoli

World - International
8/14/2012 4:25:42 PM
Staff members threaten to kill managers of KFC and Pizza Hut outlets in Nepal, says operating company, leading to their closure

Business - Economy
4/28/2012 12:01:45 PM
Fast-food giant is ordered to pay massive compensation after one of its chicken wraps left a 7-year-old girl with permanent brain damage

Egypt - 25 January: Revolution continues
12/30/2011 6:26:00 PM
A prime minister admits getting killed; a salafist compares bikinis on the beach to the brakes on a car; an ex-general in the army wants protesters to fry in Hitler's ovens; a Mubarak-lover actress prefers pizza to revolution...

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
7/14/2011 3:01:00 PM
The Revolution Artists Union have been quick to creatively reflect on the current political situation in Tahrir Square

Business - Economy
4/18/2011 12:53:30 PM
KFC, Pizza Hut and Costa Coffee are among the outlets closed until Thursday as Americana Group mourns the loss of its owner, Kuwaiti tycoon Nasser Al-Kharifi