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Egypt - Politics
1/19/2016 9:54:08 AM
In recent weeks, there have been reports of fish, grown in local fish farms, which have been dying in massive numbers and floating to the surface of the water, mainly in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate

Egypt - Politics
1/3/2016 5:31:25 PM
The ferryboat was carrying 17 people despite having a maximum capacity of six

Egypt - Politics
1/1/2016 8:41:47 PM
The ferryboat was carrying 16 people, while its maximum capacity was 6

Egypt - Politics
1/1/2016 11:02:39 AM
An unknown number of passengers were onboard the ferry when it sank

Egypt - Politics
12/22/2015 7:16:33 PM

Business - Economy
12/20/2015 2:09:57 PM
The three plants, located in Beni Suef, Kafr El-Sheikh and Egypt's new administrative capital, will double capacity in the national grid

Egypt - Politics
12/7/2015 1:07:43 PM
Two other defendants were sentenced to five years in prison, and two were given a one-year suspended sentence

Egypt - Egypt Elections 2015
12/1/2015 3:49:15 PM
Voting in the second stage of the parliamentary elections is taking place in 12,496 polling stations

Egypt - Politics
10/11/2015 10:31:59 AM
The migrants were reportedly on their way to Italy

Egypt - Politics
10/11/2015 10:06:07 AM
The men were accused of illegal fishing in Tunisia and Sudan's territorial waters

Egypt - Politics
10/7/2015 2:14:03 PM
Nashaat El-Alwany was transferred to the hospital in a critical state

Egypt - Politics
9/4/2015 4:40:48 PM
Head of Egyptian fishermen's syndicate said Thursday 26 Egyptians in two fishing boats drowned while four Egyptian survivors held by Libyan authorities in Khoms

Egypt - Politics
9/3/2015 6:03:17 PM
Fisherman on two boats drowned due to extreme weather conditions off Khoms, a Libyan city east of the capital

Egypt - Politics
7/16/2015 9:40:31 PM
The Sudanese citizens were arrested in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate while attempting to illegally immigrate to Italy

Egypt - Politics
7/4/2015 2:24:04 PM
On 15 April, a bomb exploded in the Egyptian Military Academy in Kafr El-Sheikh, killing three student cadets

Egypt - Politics
5/25/2015 11:40:40 AM
Five people were found dead on a Mediterranean beach

Egypt - Politics
4/19/2015 10:03:21 AM
Bomb attack on military cadets at a football stadium in Kafr El-Sheikh has now claimed three lives

Egypt - Politics
4/16/2015 4:36:22 PM
A bomb killed two military cadets and injured six others in Kafr El-Sheikh on Wednesday

Egypt - Politics
4/15/2015 5:56:44 PM
A bomb planted inside a soccer staduim killed at least two students at the Egyptian military academy, and injured six other civilians

Egypt - Politics
4/15/2015 1:12:59 PM

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