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World - International
2/5/2019 7:03:00 PM

Opinion -
8/8/2018 5:20:47 PM
The communist policies of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro have slashed the country’s economy in half, creating the biggest economic meltdown in its history

Opinion -
6/22/2018 7:24:49 PM
This year sees the bicentenary of the birth of Karl Marx and draws attention to the German thinker’s continuing legacy

Books -
5/13/2018 12:49:23 PM
On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the founder of communism, here are 10 books in Arabic on the man and his thought

World - International
5/29/2014 12:38:15 PM

Opinion -
12/29/2013 11:18:33 AM
Liberals in Egypt following the January 25 Revolution share less with Fukuyama's end of History through the embrace of universals than they do with Huntington's tirade against Islam

World - Region
1/6/2013 11:17:50 AM
Communist works like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engel's Communist Manifesto, an essay on the Kurds and a Turkish human rights report among books now available after decades on restricted list

Opinion -
10/26/2012 5:14:00 PM
Taking a respite from Brotherhood rule, this writer contemplates what it is that drives his writing