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Books - Reviews
8/2/2023 3:34:12 PM
Safwat Abbas is an illuminating documentation of the life, work, and biography of the Egyptian artist by the same name.

World - Africa
4/25/2023 7:37:44 PM
The accounts are horrific. Women killed while carrying babies on their backs, the wounded hunted down and villagers watching the execution of their neighbors, fearing they'd be next. These are some of the atrocities allegedly perpetrated by Burkina Faso's security forces in the north of the country, according to a statement Tuesday by locals from the village of Karma where the violence took place.

Books - Reviews
3/4/2023 1:02:28 PM
A recently published title offers an insight into what some top writers have read for over a century.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Economy
5/15/2022 3:43:00 PM
The ministers of finance and planning presented a revised crisis budget to parliament this week.

Books - Reviews
2/1/2022 12:07:00 PM
This year, the Cairo International Book Fair is offering a wide range of new non-fiction titles. History books and biographies are ubiquitous. Ahram Online sifts through some of these titles.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
10/8/2021 5:46:00 PM
Surely you have heard or used the term.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Culture
3/31/2020 3:15:46 PM
Egyptian to the marrow: Mohamed Khan Letters to Said Shimi is third part of the trilogy in which the author recounts the life of his late friend filmmaker

Books - Reviews
11/8/2019 7:21:04 PM

Opinion -
9/25/2019 2:32:58 PM

World - International
3/22/2019 5:43:25 PM

Books -
2/14/2019 3:04:35 PM
For Salmawy, this year's Cairo International Book Fair proved a success, both for his publishing house and his own library, as he picked up sought-after titles

Arts & Culture - Screens
12/13/2018 2:40:17 PM

Arts & Culture - Screens
7/24/2018 10:00:00 PM
The festival runs between 25 and 31 July in Oran and other Algerian cities

Arts & Culture - Screens
6/24/2018 2:38:35 PM
The entangled story-lines of Khaled Youssef's film Karma offers a fresh take on the old trope of the prince and the pauper

Arts & Culture - Screens
6/12/2018 4:48:05 PM

Arts & Culture - Screens
6/11/2018 5:24:59 PM
The film was approved for a permit in April before it was withdrawn on Monday

Books -
2/28/2018 4:49:53 PM
The author's new book tracks the life and struggles of Mary Ely Rosenthal

World - Region
2/6/2018 1:50:03 PM

Books -
2/1/2018 6:41:36 PM

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
1/14/2018 8:08:36 PM
Karma BinHane Culture Centre presented Mohamed El-Mahdy with an honorary award at the opening of his exhibition

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