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Egypt - Courts & Law
10/2/2022 9:30:24 PM
Egypt’s Public Prosecution has launched a probe into the death of student Malak Mohamed and the injury of 15 other girls when a concrete stair fence collapsed at a preparatory school in Giza governorate on Sunday, the prosecution said in a statement.

Egypt - Politics
4/26/2021 9:15:40 PM
The retrial followed a 2014 mass trial that saw preliminary death sentences against 183 people

Egypt - Politics
2/2/2021 6:14:52 PM
Authorities have ordered the stopping of fire-fighting efforts, fearing that continuous water confrontation of fire may affect the infrastructure of the building

Egypt - Politics
2/1/2021 12:48:55 PM
The fire started at a shoe and leather store on the ground floor of the 13-storey building

Egypt - Politics
6/10/2019 3:00:00 PM

Egypt - Politics
5/22/2019 2:19:54 PM
The six defendants faced charges of murder and terrorism in the 2013 case known as the “Kerdasa Public Resistance Committee” trial

Egypt - Politics
9/24/2018 2:30:58 PM

Egypt - Politics
1/20/2018 1:28:26 PM
The court commuted four other death sentences to life imprisonment in the same case

Egypt - Politics
7/2/2017 3:19:21 PM

Egypt - Politics
4/24/2017 3:53:17 PM

Egypt - Politics
3/3/2017 10:50:06 AM

Egypt - Politics
10/19/2016 3:00:30 PM
The court ordered a retrial

Egypt - Politics
9/24/2016 2:55:02 PM

Egypt -
7/30/2016 2:39:30 PM
The defendants were sentenced over the killing of a senior police officer during a 2013 raid in Giza

Egypt - Politics
6/11/2016 2:40:03 PM
Authorities monitored social media pages created by the activists that stated that Tiran and Sanafit islands were Egyptian, not Saudi-owned

Opinion -
3/3/2016 6:49:02 PM
In Egypt in recent years the stream of violent imagery in the media has grown to a torrent, in contrast to most Western countries where graphic imagery is sanitised. Is a middle ground possible?

Egypt - Politics
2/3/2016 2:11:37 PM
The defendants were originally sentenced in 2015 to death over the killing of 11 policemen in the town of Kerdasa in 2013

Egypt - Politics
1/25/2016 6:05:00 PM

Egypt - Politics
1/24/2016 10:22:03 PM
Security forces raided the house, on the capital's western outskirts, after a tip that it was used as a storage space for improvised explosive devices

Egypt - Politics
11/9/2015 5:41:22 PM
The man is accused of storming a police station and killing 11 policemen in the town of Kerdasa

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