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War on Gaza - War on Gaza
3/1/2024 4:47:44 PM
Three dozen leaders at news organizations around the world have signed a letter expressing solidarity with journalists in Gaza, calling for their safety and freedom to report in the war zone.

World - International
2/11/2024 11:35:06 AM
White House hopeful Donald Trump said on Saturday he would "encourage" Russia to attack members of NATO who had not met their financial obligations, his most extreme broadside against the military alliance he has long expressed skepticism about.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
1/3/2024 6:27:13 PM
Egypt emphasized on Wednesday the necessity of full respect for the unity and sovereignty of Somalia over its lands, expressing its full rejection to any measures that would undermine Somali's sovereignty, and stressing the right of Somalia and its people, alone, to benefit from its resources.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
11/26/2023 11:22:40 PM
Egypt, France and the US are optimistic about the possibility of extending the four-day truce in the Israeli war on Gaza.

Books - News
11/7/2023 5:21:20 PM
In its 42nd edition, the Sharjah International Book Fair hosted the best-selling author and Swedish behavioral scientist Thomas Erikson, who emphasized that true human communication should be face-to-face and involve listening, expression, and interaction.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Nakba remembered
5/10/2023 7:17:43 PM
This essay on state and society in Israel, 50 years after its founding, traces the roots of the new populist authoritarianism emerging under Netanyahu. Based on the marriage of Zionist colonialism and aggressive clericalism, the new regime is the logical expression of the Zionist project

World - War in Ukraine
3/6/2023 9:35:29 PM
Ukrainian military leaders expressed determination Monday to hold onto Bakhmut as Russian forces encroached on the devastated eastern city they have sought to capture for six months at the cost of thousands of lives.

World - COP 21
11/29/2022 9:42:33 PM
Congressional leaders expressed support Tuesday for quickly ending a threatened rail workers' strike that could sow chaos in the US economy.

World - Region
6/11/2022 9:22:05 PM
The United Nations mission to Libya expressed concern Saturday over clashes in Tripoli, after a night of heavy fire between militias in the capital.

Life & Style - City Lights
10/18/2020 5:47:41 PM
Minister González Laya expressed happiness at the great interest of Egyptian students for learning the Spanish language and its literature

World - Region
8/7/2020 6:41:58 PM
White House spokesman said the two leaders 'expressed their deep sadness over the loss of life and devastation in Beirut'

Egypt - Politics
11/26/2017 7:58:28 PM
Earlier this month, negotiations between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan broke down over how to conduct technical studies of the dam's potential impact on downstream countries

Egypt - Politics
11/21/2017 4:53:30 PM
Lawmakers express concern over maintaining the neutrality of judges

Egypt - Politics
11/19/2017 6:36:21 PM
Church leaders expressed their appreciation for Egypt's role in defending stability and moderation in the Middle East

Sports - Talents Abroad
7/22/2017 5:27:01 PM

World - Region
7/22/2016 4:49:38 PM

Arts & Culture - Entertainment
1/30/2016 2:27:02 PM

World - International
2/13/2015 6:04:46 PM

World - International
1/8/2015 2:08:08 PM
The UK government holds crisis meeting to discuss security measures in the country after Paris terror attacks; party political leaders express solidarity with the French people

Arts & Culture - Film
8/26/2014 12:58:24 PM
China is wooing filmmakers at the same time as it's cracking down on them

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