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World - International
10/10/2013 11:13:33 AM
Police say Wednesday bombing appeared to have involved a relatively low-powered device, though one is confirmed dead

World - International
9/23/2013 6:49:13 PM
More than 600 protesters blocked a major highway in Islamabad for several hours during the Monday morning rush hour, burning tyres and causing long tailbacks

World - Region
8/10/2013 12:01:11 PM
The US says it will reopen all of the embassies it shut this week except the one in Yemen

World - International
8/9/2013 11:28:55 AM
The decision to evacuate non-essential personnel from the consulate in Lahore comes after US received specific threats targeting it

World - International
8/5/2013 2:49:56 PM
Bomb blast on Lahore-Karachi train wounds 13, kills toddler in what Railways minister calls 'an act of terrorism'

World - Region
7/15/2013 10:31:50 AM
Hundreds of Pakistani Taliban members join Syrian rebels in their fight against the embattled president Al-Assad

Arts & Culture - Film
5/29/2013 8:39:47 PM
New Pakistani TV hit 'Taan,' set in a music academy in Lahore, breaks taboos, tackles gay romance and Islamic extremism

World - International
5/25/2013 8:53:29 AM
At least 16 children and a teacher are killed and 7 others seriously injured in a blaze that destroyed their vehicle in central Pakistan

World - International
3/10/2013 5:49:59 PM
Torching of Lahore neighbourhood causes protest by Pakistan's Christians protesting against the country's controversial anti-blasphemy law

World - International
3/9/2013 2:13:47 PM
Hundreds of Christian families flee an area in the Pakistani city of lahor, after hundreds of people torched their homes over accusations of blasphemy against Islam's prophet

World - International
12/3/2012 6:03:11 PM
In the eastern city of Lahore in Pakistan, a female Christian charity worker from Sweden, Bargeeta Almby, was shot in the chest by gunmen

World - Region
8/1/2012 10:01:45 PM
As people were buying fruits during the evening in Lahore, two bombs go off causing the injury of 19

World - International
7/12/2012 10:45:07 AM
Pakistani Taliban claims responsibility for the killing of nine police cadets in the city of Lahore

World - International
7/9/2012 10:38:50 AM
At least six security personnel and a police official are killed near the normally peaceful Pakistani capital, Islamabad, hours after Islamist groups marched on a bridge over the security encampment

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