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Arts & Culture - Visual Art
3/21/2022 5:10:52 PM
Painter, illustrator and caricaturist Walid Taher is exhibiting 70 acrylic paintings in his new solo exhibition Fades Away, inspired by Lebanese-Australian poet Wadih Saadeh’s exploration of liminality, on display at TAM Gallery in 6th of October city.

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
8/6/2018 6:06:30 PM
Nine Egyptian artists are featured in the exhibition that echoes renowned Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran's themes of peace and tolerance

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
7/27/2016 8:57:09 AM
Ounsi's translations to Arabic include works by Shakespeare, Ionesco, Camus, Brecht

Books -
2/18/2014 2:04:02 PM
Onsi Al-Haj, an influential poet, newspaper columnist and editor, dies after a short illness