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World - Region
9/13/2011 10:27:45 AM
UN officials and diplomats say the United Nations is pressing Libya's National Transitional Government(NTC)for assigning top posts for women in a male-dominated government
World - Region
9/8/2011 5:34:21 PM
Libyan rebel fighters capture the Red Valley, one of the main line of defense of Gaddafi troops east of Sirte while talks between rebels and Gaddafi loyalists in Bani Walid broke down before Saturday deadline
World - Region
9/4/2011 11:02:05 AM
Revolutionary forces continue to surround Bani Walid in the city of Misrata, ready to attack after the rebels got frustrated over stalled negotiations for Gaddafi's handover
World - Region
9/3/2011 3:02:18 PM
Libya rebel commander Belhaj and also the ex leader of an Islamic militant group denies links to Al-Qaeda and confirms he shares the West's goal of a free Libya
World - Region
9/1/2011 11:59:26 AM
There are lots of surprises in the Libyan uprising but perhaps the most bombastic, now that the Gaddafi juggernaut has ground to a halt, is that one of his sons is rumoured to be eager to join the National Transitional Council
Arts & Culture - Film
8/31/2011 11:25:42 AM
An American writer and filmmaker who ended up in Libya's most notorious prison during the uprising against Muammar Gaddafi speaks of his time in solitary confinement and his rescue
Business - Economy
8/30/2011 4:12:01 PM
ENI say it could take 18 months for normal activities to resume, due to damage and the security situation in Libya
World - Region
8/30/2011 12:53:01 PM
Libyan rebels take news that Gaddafi's wife and three of his children have fled to Algeria as an affront to the Libyan revolution, but also as a sign that Gaddafi is ready to call it quits
World - Region
8/29/2011 12:05:15 PM
After freeing more than 10,000 of Muammar Gaddafi's prisoners, top Libyan rebel officials urge NATO to help them route remnants of Gaddafi's regime and aid in restoring basic services in Tripoli
World - Region
8/28/2011 6:24:25 PM
On Friday, Libya's opposition council second-in-command arrived in Egypt for a two-day visit, during which he spoke to the Al-Ahram daily newspaper about Gaddafi's threat and the two country's ties
World - Region
8/28/2011 3:07:25 PM
For 42 years, during the long rule of Moammar Gadhafi, the Libyan government barely even existed: state institutions had little power, the military was kept purposefully weak, tribal divisions were magnified
World - Region
8/28/2011 12:21:23 PM
It will take Libyan rebels more than 10 days to take Sirte, Muammar Gaddafi's home town and one of his last bastions of support, a rebel commander said
Business - Economy
8/28/2011 12:19:39 PM
Although current oil output is far lower than pre-war levels, if restored quickly, the fields could produce 1 million bpd within months, experts say
World - Region
8/27/2011 5:08:01 PM
Chairman of the National Transitional Council says Libya's rebels have no concrete information on the location of Muammar Gaddafi or his sons
World - Region
8/27/2011 2:48:04 PM
Libyan rebels claim victory over Gaddafi fighters in a suburb near Tripoli's airport after an overnight battle, as the opposition moves to solidify its hold on the capital
World - Region
8/27/2011 12:39:31 PM
Disparate rebel fighter groups in the Libyan capital will be brought under one command after an interim period and the formation of a new national army
World - Region
8/25/2011 6:23:21 PM
Libya's rebel council says it expects the UN to help in restructuring the country's army
World - Region
8/25/2011 4:32:11 PM
The main developments since Libyan rebels launched an offensive on Tripoli on Saturday, going on to capture strongman Muammar Gaddafi's highly fortified headquarters on Tuesday
World - Region
8/25/2011 11:09:04 AM
After putting a $1.7 million bounty on Muammar Gaddafi's head, the National Transitional Council remains surprised at the persistence of Gaddafi loyalist fighters, despite the capture of his iconic Bab al-Aziziya compound
World - Region
8/24/2011 4:54:35 PM
Opposition fighters face pockets of resistance as they progress onto the town of Sirte
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