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Egypt - Politics
12/15/2019 4:37:20 PM
The embassy denied that members of its diplomatic mission had defected from the UN-backed Government of National Accord

World - Region
7/11/2014 2:49:21 PM

Egypt - Politics
3/16/2013 6:52:40 PM
Source tells Ahram Online that the embassy repeatedly requested protection from Egyptian authorities against recurrent attacks, in the face of a controversy about the death of a Christian Egyptian in Libya

Egypt - Politics
3/16/2013 1:00:44 PM
Tawadros II met several Coptic movements to discuss recent crisis in Libya and call upon groups to struggle peacefully

Egypt - Politics
3/11/2013 8:03:54 PM
Dozens of Egyptian Coptic protesters, angry over death of Coptic-Christian from alleged torture in Libya, tear down and burn Libyan flag, clash with Libyan nationals outside embassy

Egypt - Politics
3/11/2013 12:06:33 PM
Coptic group calls for protest by Libyan embassy Cairo demanding release of detained Christians

World - Region
5/4/2012 2:35:33 PM
Family of the former dictator might have used the Libyan embassy to launder government funds,according to a Belgian financial fraud watchdog

World - Region
8/22/2011 2:28:57 PM
The Muammar Gaddafi regime's green flag was brought down from the Libyan embassy in the Turkish capital and replaced by the rebel flag

World - International
8/11/2011 2:04:34 PM
Group of people breaks into the Libyan embassy in Stockholm, the Sweden police said

Egypt - Politics
4/7/2011 5:20:31 PM
Libyans and Egyptians stood together today in front of the Libyan embassy in Cairo in support of the Libyan people's uprising against Gaddafi, and to denounce his crimes and his regime

Egypt - Politics
4/7/2011 2:04:36 PM
The Executive Committee of the Friends of Free Libya in Egypt have called for a demonstration today in front of the Libyan embassy in Cairo in solidarity with the Libyan revolution

Egypt -
2/21/2011 2:29:56 PM
Egyptians demonstrate solidarity with Libyans as they rise up against Gaddafi, who responds with brutality