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Arts & Culture - Screens
9/8/2016 11:55:59 AM
The film is by the award-winning director of Geld Hay (Living Skin)

Arts & Culture - Screens
4/21/2015 9:10:55 PM
Ahmad Fawzi Saleh's award-winning documentary on the lives of children working in Cairo's tanneries is screening at Zawya on Wednesday

Arts & Culture - Film
12/29/2011 4:44:46 PM
Fawzi Saleh, the director of the award-winning documentary Living Skin, has won an AFAC grant to develop the script for his new film Poisoned Roses

Arts & Culture - Film
1/26/2011 4:31:31 PM
Geld Hay (Living Skin) is a gripping 52-minute documentary that follows the child labourers working in the tanneries